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Ouch! Speedy recovery.

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I thought your hair would have at least broke your fall.

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Oh damn. All the best Patrick- Here's to a speedy recovery!

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God bless you, Patrick, for still doing this when no-one would have expected you to. Get well soon.

P.S. Goddamn, you do a lot of internet reading in a week!

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Ouch! Here's to a quick recovery, Patrick.

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Good on you for posting this despite the nasty injury mate, get well soon!!!!

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Get better. I broke mine years ago skiing, I hope yours heals as fast as mine did.

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Get well Patrick, that sucks :(

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Get well soon Patrick, Thanks for the links!

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So he breaks his collarbone, still does Worth Reading, and people still complain. Jesus Christ. Patrick can't win.

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@Nightriff said:

@The_Nubster said:

@Nightriff said:

Why even do this at all, just fucking rest

For all the shit he gets, Patrick is easily the hardest-working Bomber, alongside Jeff. It's really awesome how dedicated he is to this job.

No, the video crew is.

Yes! Good catch.

Video crew = Engineers > Jeff/Patrick

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Just wondering what rig you ride? Also, totally saw a dude running yesterday on my ride home that I thought was you in a really bad disguise. He had a large moustache but looked like you

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If RoboScoops isn't one of the GOTY features this year, I'm going to be very disappointed. Cybernetic organism designed only for getting scoops. Get well soon Patrick.

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I'm into week three of my six weeks off after dislocating my shoulder after falling of my bike. This damn sling is driving me crazy! Six weeks off work sounded great at the time, but it isn't.

Get well soon, Patrick.

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Of course you would still do this you man beast.

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lol Patrick last time you'll drink stella if it makes you crash into large potholes on the way home

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Patrick = Man mountain.

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Aw man, get well soon Patrick, my birthday brother!

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I can't believe people actually believe this crap! http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0046/0046_01.ASP

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I broke my left collarbone in high school! Football. I played offensive line and our quarterback threw a nice floater for the other team. And I don't know if you know fuck all about football, but offensive linemen don't know shit for what to do in a turnover. Got completely blindsided twenty yards from the play.

Feel better. Unless things have changed in eight years, you're going to have to wear this annoying brace thing that keeps your shoulders pulled back. No more jogging for you, Pat.

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Get well! Just do it! Nice picture; I see a french word.

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I hope you fucked up the pothole just as bad.

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Anyone who moans about Patrick after this effort is just a c---. Plain and simple.

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@Willtron said:

So he breaks his collarbone, still does Worth Reading, and people still complain. Jesus Christ. Patrick can't win.

To be fair, the one complaint in the article is because of Patrick's well-being, not because he sucks.

Anyway Patrick. Get well soon. As much as I sometimes disagree with your ways, I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

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Patrick, until you are fully recovered, you must compose all articles using only speech-to-text software, no edits.

Get well soon, and enjoy the painkillers.

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Sir, you are a pro. Get well soon !

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shit, thats some crappy birthday misfortune but better than a cracked skull though if you want to be optimistic about it!

good luck on getting fixed and thanks for the weekend reading!

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Get well soon Patrick!

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Get well soon, duder!

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I love the image you put in the post. It seems your sense of humor survived the crash.

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This makes me like Patrick....what is happening?!?!

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I saw the word Wind Waker and you seem to be doing alright Patrick so I'm happy.