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there nay already be a topic for this if so sorry but i didnt want  to look. any way i preffer the xbox however they both have there good points so i just wanted peoples opinions P.S sorry about spellinng :)

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No crap there's already a topic of this. You created 3 of them.

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Xbox 360 because it has halo and mass effect +xbox live

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I think the NGage is better.

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dude i hate crap threads about system wars. grow the fuck up. theyre both great, both have decent games. 

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This seems oddly familiar.

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they're both equally great

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I own and play both.

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  The Xbox hands down.  There is no contest.

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I have both, both are good in different ways. I primarily use my Xbox 360 though because more of my friends have 360s.

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Both are good

Not 1 is better than the other, its something everyone is going to have to accept

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armacore said:
"For the love of god, no console versus console threads.

.C_BozkurT_C said:
"they're both equally great"
lets leave this alone no one wants it.

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Who gives a crap everyone has there opinion but dont flame it all over forums.