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I'd like to hear the thoughts from my fellow gamers.

1. Which consoles do you currently own?
2. Do you want a next gen console to come out soon or do you prefer the current generation to continue for a while longer?
3. If they were to put out new consoles next year, We'll say Christmas 2011, would you purchase one day one?


My answers

1. I only have an xbox 360 right now. I plan on getting a PS3 later on. I have a 2 year old boy but I am hoping to be able to hold out buy a wii until the next gen of Wii is out and still plays the dozen or so really worth playing wii games.

2. I have so many games that I have yet to play this generation that I have no interest of purchasing a next gen console at the moment. I am hoping that this generation continues for a while because I find that now that developpers know how to program for this generation and they pretty much know the limitations of each console. They seem to have more success in trying to make a game fun, polished and look good. Instead of just trying to make a good looking game.

3. Like I mentioned before, I have so many games to catch up on that I think I would be buying a next gen console late in its life cycle.

Anyhow, your thoughts?

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I have a 360 and would not like to see a console for maybe 2-3 more years. Any sooner and I am not getting one

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1. I own an Xbox 360, a Wii, and a DS. I don't really see much point in buying a PS3 because there seems to be too much overlap in game releases with the 360, to the point where they're basically the same console.
2. I want this generation to go on a while longer. Buying new hardware sucks.
3. Definitely no! Right now I'm just debating even if a 250 dollar 3DS is worth it. There's no way I would be able to scrounge up 400-500 dollars for a new home console.

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1. My consoles are listed in my mini bio. 
2. I don't care if a new console comes out soon. 
3. No, I wouldn't buy a new console on day one.

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1. I have everything but the Wii and have no plans on buying one.
2. I'm pretty indifferent about when the next generation of consoles come out.
3. The chances of me buying anything day one is very, very small - almost zero. Firstly, because I never do and secondly because, like you, my backlog has grown to epic proportions.

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got all the consoles 
dont really care if one does come 
no i wouldnt buy it because... 

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1) I have a Wii, an xbox 360, ps3 and psp 
2) I can wait for a new system for a couple  more years lets say 5 more years so we can get better games without pating so much. 
3) No i would wait a bit before i jumped on buying a new system.
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This gen its great 
I hope the next gen never happens

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1. I have a 360, PS3 and a Wii. 
2/3. I'm in no real hurry to buy a new console but if the xbox 720 and PS4 came out tomorrow I would buy them both day one. Gotta collect them all!
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1) Xbox 360 and PSP 
2) As long as possible, I have no money.  
3) Probably not. 

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1.for this gen I have the 360 and wii
3. I never get a console day one

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1. ps3 and wii
2. i can wait till like, 2013 or 2014
3. hell no, i`m broke

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1. All
2. I'm mentally prepared for a E3 2012 announcement and 2013 release. \
3. Yes. I'm "that guy".

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1. Xbox 360 and PS2.
2. I don't care if this generation lasts much longer or not. 
3. Yes.

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1. PS3, 360, Wii 
2. I wouldn't mind waiting a little longer, hopefully something will be announced in E3 2012.    
3. It depends on what the launch line up looks like and what makes the next gen console so great.

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1. ps3, xbox 360, and PC
2. i would want to wait longer for a new system to come out. 
3. no, i would not buy a new console when it comes out. i'm the type of person that waits for the price to go down. i will especially wait with what microsoft with the problems that they have with their system. it can happen again and peoepl will have to wait for a fix to happen.

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1. Wii, DSi XL, XBox 360.
2. I imagine it will last for another 2-3 years.
3. Probably not, Uni student now, don't have that kind of Moolah.

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1. I own a ps3 and a gaming pc 
2. Yes 
3. not that soon, maybe early 2012 because I want newer technical graphics. If it's alright for everyone else, i'm not going to say your preference is wrong, it's just i'm a graphic whore and a pc gamer. I have high expectations, I like to see more realistic looking graphics for a new console.

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1) PS3 and Wii
2) This generations needs to stay. Mostly because I'm poor. But also because I predict the next generation won't be the same bump as every other generation leap. We're at the point where video games take years and millions of dollars to make. Upping the power levels will up the costs and time, and that isn't appealing to developers. I think next gen will have more or less the same visual fidelity, but with more raw horse power for more polys on screen at a time and a smoother framerate. Maybe the power to make 1080 native games?
3) I never purchase consoles day one. In fact, it beomes the perfect time to get the previous gen of consoles for an affordable price with a bunch of proven, cheap games.

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This gen is pretty good, but I like last gen better. :/

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I own a PS3 right now, plan to build a gaming PC and get a 360 by the end of the year.
I don't care. If they are truly ready for the next gen, bring it on.
And yeah, I would probably buy a new console day one.

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1. PS3 and 360
2. I don't really care but I won't be going next gen for another couple of years, they could release a next gen console this year, but I won't buy it.
3. Nope, not buying any consoles day 1 if it comes out within 3 years, even then I'm going to wait longer than I did this generation, I'm not going to beta test another piece of shit rushed hardware again. I see myself going "next gen" in 5 years, but I might just go PC unless consoles are really cheap, like, 200 bucks cheap.

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1. PS3, 360, Wii, DS, PSP, and a gaming PC.
2. I'd prefer no new consoles to come out until late 2012.
3. Maybe. Depends.

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- I own a PC and I'm thinking about rebuying a PS3 in a year or two. I see no reason to buy an Xbox 360 however.
- The current generation of consoles should last as long as possible. It makes it less likely that I will have to upgrade my video card. :)
- I will never buy a console on the first day of release. Too expensive, and too few games. I have a huge backlog of games to play on current and previous generation systems still. I consider myself more of a PC/ handheld gamer anyways. So I would be much more inclined to buy a PSP2 or 3DS day one if my current handheld backlog is low enough.

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1. I have a PS3, a dusty PSP, and a Game Boy Color that I still play. My PS3 ha the YLOD disease, so I can only play the GBC for the time being.
2. I'm not big on motion controls, so I'm hoping at least 3 more years get squeezed out of this generation.
3. I wouldn't, cos new consoles would most likely be motion control based, and motion controls can suck my balls.
And for your amusement, here are my thoughts on this gen and next gen consoles: 
This gen is in my opinion, fucking great. I like the consoles on offer (even though I only one of the three), and so far the games have been plenty good. But with the good comes the bad, and I really don't like the direction this generation is going (damn motion controls). I'm a gamepad person, and on consoles, I use a gamepad to play all games (apart from Guitar Hero). That's just how I like it. It's practical. You have all the buttons at a comfy reach. It's good. Motion controls now, take away your gamepad and require you to dance around like a moron. I am of the opinion that one of the things that make gaming so great is having the feeling that you have the power to do all types of crazy shit in your hands. That's why I fear that the future generations of gaming will be dark and full of crappy ass stupid motion controls.

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  • DS
  • Wii
  • 360
  • PSP
  • PS3
I'm really looking forward to the 3DS and I think a PSP2 would be a good thing, but the rest of the consoles can wait. Other than the 3DS, I certainly am not buying anything in the next year. 2011... it depends. Mostly on the games it launches with.
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I only have a 360, and unless I have a sudden windfall, it's likely to stay that way. 
I wouldn't mind a few more years of use from the current generation. I notice some graphical details on games here and there, but depending on the art style, it doesn't really matter that much. At least for the time being, I think that games can look good enough that the visuals aren't distracting. Of course, my newest computer is a 2 or 3 year old laptop that was in the low to mid-range of the pack when I bought it, so I don't really have much to compare the graphics against. 
I can't imagine I'd buy a console on day one. Depending on the games that come out, and system support, it could be a while before I felt the need to buy something new.

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 1. Which consoles do you currently own?
2. Do you want a next gen console to come out soon or do you prefer the current generation to continue for a while longer?
3. If they were to put out new consoles next year, We'll say Christmas 2011, would you purchase one day one?     
I currently own a 360 and PS3. I would consider getting the next console day 1 but I would rather wait another 2-3 years.

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1. PS3,Wii, PSP,DS/// 360 got E74
2. 2013 announcement at the least pweaze
3. Yes I bought my PS3/360 day one

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 1. Wii and PS3.
2. This one needs to continue. A lot of people are gaming right now, and we want to keep that audience. Basically, we aren't ready for the next generation of consoles, yet.
3. No. I wouldn't purchase a console until something came out that makes me say, "OH MY GOSH I NEED THIS."

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I have a PS3 and X360.
Only console I'd consider right now would be a next gen Nintendo, but next gen meaning the next step from PS3 and 360 in terms of power. Nintendo should really skip a generation for their next release.

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I have one of each, and I think that new consoles are still a couple years off, and I rather hope they're still a couple years off because it still seems like developers are continuing to push what the consoles can do beyond what they could do before.  
As to whether I would buy it on day one, well, that would depend on whether they had something that would make me buy it that soon. I bought a Wii day one, but I bought my 360 about half a year after that came out, and I bought my PS3 about a year and a half after that came out. The funny thing is that I like the PS3 the best, with the 360 second, and the Wii at third.  
Actually, I wouldn't mind if Nintendo put out something new that had better graphics and stuff, but I rather doubt that'll happen any time soon. 

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  1. PS3 and Xbox 360
  2. Christmas 2012
  3. Yes, if I had the money.
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1. Xbox 360 
2. This game generation should stick around for longer. Its win-win for everyone. Gamers win. Developers win. Publishers win. Happy faces for all! I'd rather not see a new console release until beyond 2012-3 at least. 
3. First day releases are not worth it in my opinion. The pricetag is too high and the gaming library is limited to a few selections. The power behind consoles are normally not fully utilized until 2-3 years after release, which is when I'd probably pick it up, since prices should go down to more reasonable rates.

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@Dooops said:
" I have a 2 year old boy but I am hoping to be able to hold out buy a wii until the next gen of Wii is out and still plays the dozen or so really worth playing wii games. "
That's probably a good idea.
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1. Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii
2. The games are the most important factor in this decision by far.  I can afford new consoles now, in 3 years, who knows?  I'd demand new consoles if I didn't know it would absolutely crush just about every game developer and end up making the game industry that much worse as a whole, if not crashing it altogether.  The reasons this would happen are complex, but are mostly economic and effect everyone involved (console maker loses money in R&D, developers lose money making more expensive games and selling to a smaller market, gamers lose money buying those new consoles).  The sales curve for 360 and PS3 continue to climb, it'd be idiotic to make a new Xbox or Playstation any time soon.  Nintendo on the other hand should be starting to think about it...
3. Once again, depends on the games.  Nothing else.  They deliver some really amazing exclusive stuff I'd buy it whenever I could afford it even a little bit...

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1. Got a Wii, PS3, DSlite and PSP. 
2. Definetly getting a 3DS, but I could wait another couple of years for a bunch of new consoles. Especially since I've been thinking of getting a 360. 
3. So no.

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1. Xbox360
2. I want 2-3 more years
3. No, release games are always garbage
Here's what I want in the next gen consoles: MORE MEMORY.  I don't like load screens.  I hate small game maps/areas.  MORE MEMORY.  Don't cheap out again this time Microsoft and Sony.  I would like an online marketplace where I can resell all my digital download games.  By the way.  What happens to all my Xbox Live digital download games?  Will they work on a new console?  Will they evaporate?  How long will the XBox360 side of XBox Live exist?

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I believe this generation of consoles did quite well, however they are all trying to adapt to a wider audience, when they initially went for separate demographics.  The wireless peripherals made in response to nintendo was an indication of this.  Also, for all consoles, going into online social networking was a daunting task for all of them, with Microsoft nailing it with heavy-hitting features, but the PS3 also providing adequate options, and their grand policy of free multiplayer without a subscription.  The Wii has lost the online race out of the three thus far with a lack of options, and the friend codes system.
In the next generation, I would think that the three companies would have to change their current subscription service, as the next big step in gaming is to more readily facilitate MMO's (both free and subscription-based) into their services, as that is near-impossible with the current online framework from any of the companies.  Also, it will be likely that all of them will comply to HD standards, since now a good portion of the consumers have access to a HDTV at least.  Of course, better graphics will come with every new console, so expect a higher level of quality, or even larger games of existing quality to arise with the next generation of consoles. 3D will still be present, but will be provided as an alternative option, and not a substitute for 2D, and that is the way it should be handled.
As pure speculation as well, maybe Sony might also do something even more worthwhile with the Steam service, and maybe other companies will allow different vendors to sell in a unified marketplace.  This would be nice, as it would help to facilitate any publisher if they wish to sell their products within their own store, and have some flexibility within their own marketing space.