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Hey Giantbomb community. I am a first time poster but a long time listener. Been following since the OG gamespot days. I have been going crazy trying to secure a beta key and then it hit me. Why not go to the gaming site I respect the most? If any person, moderator, or even Blizzard employee has an extra laying around that they would like to pay forward I would be forever in their debt. PM me please, and I will update the post right away. I definitely do not need multiple keys. Thanks all and keep up the great work.

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Willing to trade/exchange/donate all of my Origin Humble Bundle games for a key.

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Giantbomb community, I would like to receive a free BMW, please give it to me.

@paulpredator, you and I have about the same odds of getting what we're asking for.

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There's only a few thousand keys and hundreds of thousands of people that want one. The beta's just for press it appears; maybe they'll scale up right before release but right now the scarcity + streamers is driving the hype. It's not really a beta in the traditional sense since the game is virtually complete.

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@fredchuckdave: There's already plenty of community give-aways going on all over the place. Also, if the game shipped with the current cards it would be completely broken. It's severely lacking in choice of synergies, leaving certain classes immensely stronger than others. If your deck doesn't support spellpower, pirate(weapon) or murloc builds it's pretty much strangheld to the basic class design, which in several cases is not very strong.

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@ares42: Balance is not a beta issue; it's a long term always-an-issue issue; beta issue is technical stuff like you know running with at least a few hundred thousand accounts at once and how that impacts the servers. There are a handful of bugs in the game but really not very many; almost every released game has more bugs than this. There's like giveaways of 1-2 keys and a vast number of a couple hundred keys on the facebook website competing with over a hundred thousand participants; when you get a key randomly let me know; I'd like to benefit from charity as well.

The coin is probably going to get nerfed but as for wide sweeping changes it would be hard to implement with such a limited amount of feedback.

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@chiablo BMW's are available to buy all over the world. I can easily buy one or just take my dads out for a drive, which is not the point of this thread. I understand a lot of people are doing random giveaways at the /hearthstone reddit thread. It would be nice if someone did one here or actually wanted to do a barter exchange for an extra key. Why not reward their kindness in return with other games they don't have and might want to play?

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@paulpredator: I'm pretty sure you aren't suppose to be begging for keys as a forum rule.

Also if you want to play so badly (as do I) just wait until the beta goes open or when the game actually comes out.

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Large wave went out today, check your email; price should be going down as well.

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I... uh... I would actually like a beta key, as well. ha. But yeah, it seems unlikely that people are going to just be giving them out around these parts. Not to mention, I don't think we're supposed to make request threads like this. ha.

Anyway, yeah, Hearthstone. Good stuff. Hope I get in eventually to try it out for myself.

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What I want to know is when this thing comes out for realzies, will there be some sort of redundant physical accessory that I can use to strap an IPad to my forearm and pretend I'm the meanest duelist Hearthstoner in the world?

Y'know, like that other awesome card game.

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BMW's are available to buy all over the world. I can easily buy one or just take my dads out for a drive...

Never before have I been more tempted to post a stupid facepalm gif. Maybe just get daddy to buy you another game to play while you're waiting for this one to actually be released?

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This should have been locked a long time ago. Giant Bomb is not the place to sooicit beta keys. Thank you, please drive through.