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I've been a big fan of Kentucky Route Zero's first 2 acts, so I check into the Cardboard Computer website occasionally to see if Act 3 will drop anytime soon. Don't know when they put it up, but they now have "The Entertainment", which is a play carried out in what seems to be the engine they use for Kentucky Route Zero.


I won't say much more, but for being a mostly non-interactive play (I don't mind reading plays, but I hate most of the theater that I've attended in person), it really grabbed me. If you think that Kentucky Route Zero's particular brand of narrative is interesting you might find something to like here. Or you might find it super boring.

Also, there is totally Occulus Rift Support, which seems like it would be a cool way to enjoy something like this.

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Neato! Downloading now.

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Neat. I'm guessing this is still set within KR0 since I see a familiar name in the credits.

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Nice. I like these little spin-off "games" that the Cardboard Computer guys have put out. Helps bridge the gaps between KRZ Acts.

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Okay... I just finished it, and what the fuck was that ending? Now I kinda want to read the printed script.