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Hey guys, I'm getting my brother a 3ds for xmas and I need some game ideas to go along with it. He really likes turn based rpg's, anybody got any ideas on what games I should get for him? Thanks!

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Dragon Quest 9. It's not in 3d but it's a fantastic game.

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On top of what everyone else has said, I've heard good things about the Tales of the Abyss port. My vote goes to Paper Mario.

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I hear that new Level-5 table-top-like eshop rpg Crimson Shroud is pretty cool. Maybe get him some eshop monies and the recommendation?

And almost forgot to second Paper Mario: Sticker Star ! I'm getting my bro bro this for christmas. Haven't tried it yet, but honestly every other Mario rpg has been great fun, no matter who developed it- whether it be Intelligent systems or Alphadreams (or Square, der der). I have high hopes for this one as well!

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Crimson Shroud! Never been so immersed in a game without moving characters