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I was just wondering if anyone actually does use some or they think there kinda silly? I change mine up a lot by there usually always game related..

Currently I have,

Ringtone: Doom Theme

Msg: Resident Evil save typewriter sound

Email: Zelda Puzzle solve (Hotmail), Opening Major chest (Gmail)

How bout you duders?

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I used the codec sound (generic I know) for a text alert for years. I never got tired of holding up my phone and saying "Otacon?!?".

Currently my ringtone is the theme to Black Knight 2000 (the pinball table), so I guess that counts.

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The main menu music from Sleeping Dogs is my ringtone, and Kelly Chambers saying: "Commander, you've received a new message on your private terminal" is my message sound. :P

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@NyxFe: I have defiantly had the codec from time to time, because it is pretty awesome..

@Draugen: I had the Kelly Chambers as my Gmail tone when I first got my phone.. It's pretty cool.. I kind of had a theme, that / Starcraft incoming transmission and a Star Trek Incoming message all at once

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I use P3P ringtone as my text message sound, and right now I'm using SH's- Promise song as my ringtone. I've used the Deadly Premonition whistle song as my ringtone too.

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I had that Catherine song too, but it scared me each time my phone rang.

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I still have the saints row 3 pause menu music as my ringtone.

I should probably change that, but since I get actual calls so rarely, meh.

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I have the Zelda secret chime as my text tone and Science is Fun from Portal 2 as my ringtone and alarm. I did have the Turret Wife Serenade but it was kind of creepy to wake up to.

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@Draugen said:

Kelly Chambers saying: "Commander, you've received a new message on your private terminal" is my message sound. :P

Why hadn't I thought of that?

I have a version of 'Heartful Cry' from Persona 3 FES as my ringtone right now and have had various bits of game music for it in the past. It was 'Bullet Dance' from Blazblue for a good long while.

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I've got the "Your knowledge has increased" chime from Persona 3/4 as my text tone.

(And the Garth Marenghi's Darkplace theme as my ringtone, though that's not quite game related)

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I currently have the Battletoads pause music as my ringtone and the death sound from Gradius 3 as my text tone.

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This is my ringtone. Sounds fucking fantastic on phone speakers.

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I followed Jeff's advice and used the Saints Row The Third menu music as a ring tone for quite a while.

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Have the Mario coin sounds for txt alert.

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My message sound is the "achievement unlocked!" sound. I used to hate getting calls and texts. Now I just hate getting calls.

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@Draugen said:

Kelly Chambers saying: "Commander, you've received a new message on your private terminal" is my message sound.

This is genius.

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I had this as my ringtone for a long while:

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My ringtone is the theme from No One Lives Forever, and my text tone is the insert coin sound from The Simpsons Arcade game.

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@Ninja_Welshman said:

Have the Mario coin sounds for txt alert.

Me too

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If I weren't lazy, I'd use this as my ringtone.

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@President_Barackbar said:

My ringtone is the theme from No One Lives Forever

Oh man, I used to LOVE that game. Talk about a series that's due for a proper sequel.

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I don't own a Cellphone so no. If I ever get one I would certainly do so however.

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  You will never miss a phone call with this. The version on my phone even has the epic chord progression before it plays so it is extra loud.

Edit: Funny note: This song is playing when the sprite in my avatar is showing. Redd White is absolutely losing his shit at this point.
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I think my ringone is the "Access" song from the og Cave Story. Either that or positive force from VVVVVV. I have both on there.

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Yeah I currently using Life is Beautiful from Deadly Premonition. I have been using the getting on a Yoshi sound from SMW as my message tone for awhile. Before I had been using the first level music from Super Ghouls N' Ghosts and before that the original Elite Four battle music from Pokemon. I have been debating on using the new remix of Calling from TWETY iOS it's fits perfectly as a ringtone but I just don't know if I'm ready to have some J-pop as my ringtone.

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For quite a while, I had Felwithe city song from EverQuest as my ringtone and the Abjuration spell effect sound for my text messages. On my work phone, I had the Mass Effect galaxy map music as my ringtone.

On my new phone, I have Unatco from Deus Ex as my ringtone - haven't settled on a text sound yet.

It's not easy to find good fits for ringtone - preferrably they have to start soft and get louder pretty quickly and you want the recognizable part of the music to be within 10-15s of the start, since you rarely let the phone ring much longer than that. Would've loved to use some Bastion music, but none of them really seemed to fit quite right.

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Notification: Skyrim Quest Objective Notification Sound


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@Spike_Kojima said:

A Secure Place is my message tone.

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Love it! My favourite RE save room theme.

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I still use "You've got a mail" from the Japanese Catherine demo for texts, nothing else works. The mp3 of it is still floating around there on the internet, can upload it again if somebody really wants it.
The ringtones are usually bits of music, riffs, vocal breaks, right now it's all vocaloid music for different call groups:

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I don't give the slightest hint of a shit about ringtones, I really only ever get texts and that signal is muted.

@President_Barackbar: DUDE YES. NOLF theme is the best! THE BEST! Those games kicked major ass.

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I've got the Polytron logo sound from FEZ for messages and Mega Man 2's Game Start for calls.

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I use the 8-Bit "Item found" sound from Metroid for text messages on my phone. It's a bit too long but I just love the sound.

Also the theme from Mega Man 3 is my alarm clock.

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Duke Nukem 64 theme as ringtone (sounds better than the original Duke 3D song) 
TF2 domination fanfare as text

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Yeah, I wake up to alarms using the Saints Row The Third theme and Betus Blues from Super Meat Boy, and my text message tone is Route 1 from Pokémon Blue.

Most of my call tones are songs, though.

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I have Super Mario World Overworld as my ringtone. Mario's Raccoon tail wag as the text message notifications and the jumping on Yoshi sound as the Facebook notifications.

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I have First Flight from Ace Combat 5 as mine.

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@Coafi: Was this inspired by that moment in the P4 Animation when Yu gets a call from Ai? That was pretty great. 
Anyway, I had the MGS Codec sound as a ringtone, and the ! sound as the text tone for awhile, but I restored my phone recently, now it's back to default. I think I'll keep it like that for awhile.
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@Yummylee: I totally just stole that ringtone.

But I did have this Persona 4 song on it for a while.

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Azalea Town theme's been my ringtone for years, text message alert is an excerpt from an old Billy Herrington & Kirby's Gourmet Race remix.

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I don't. But that's mainly because I don't own a phone.

I'm sure one day I'll crack and join the modern world. And I'm sure when I do I'll have game sounds all up on that thing.

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@Draugen said:


The main menu music from Sleeping Dogs is my ringtone, and Kelly Chambers saying: "Commander, you've received a new message on your private terminal" is my message sound. :P

I have Samantha Traynor as mine! 
Stupid Chambers.. Not wanting to take good care of my fish 'mumble mumble' 
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Ringtone: Country Lane from Clannad (Anime)

Text Tone: Diddy Kong Goal Reach from Donkey Kong Country 2

E-mail: At the Ceili by Celtic Woman

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Dr. Wily Stage 1 from Mega Man 2 is my ringtone. I'm still trying to find a suitable text tone.

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Saints Row The Third menu theme for my ringtone.

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As any respectable person should, I use the Felicia theme or Specialist as my ringtone and I use "Her Groovy Trick" (from Air Gear, an anime/manga, but still counts for all I care) as the sound for text messages

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my text tone is the beam katana charge up sound from No More Heroes, and my ring tone is the arcade version of Makoto's theme from 3rd Strike

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starts @0:58

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The "Pi Pi Pi Pi" tone in Persona 4 is my text message ring and the Catherine "Love is Over" theme is my ringtone.

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Kind of game related, I have the Power Rangers wrist communicator as my text alert.

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Currently have The Junes theme as my ringtone/alarm and the P4 cellphone noise as my text message. Before that my ringtone was the Ice Cream Truck version of the Imperial March and my text message tone was the Power Rangers communicator call noise thing.

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What I've always wanted to do, when I have a better phone, is to get people to record "(Insert person's name) to Rob (my name)" and then add the communicator sound from Star Trek. Since, you know, we now live in the future.