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Facewound is a game by facepunch studios. (the guys who did garry's mod)

Its a 2D shooter. Free game, looks great and pretty fun to play around in.

Download here: http://www.garry.tv/go.php?http://www.facewound.com/dl/fw_secret_dl.zip

Then just open up the zip and run the exe.  (I believe its something like fwound.exe) Just wanna see what every one thinks.  (its about 3-4 years old, wanna know if anyone has played it. O_O)

Hint: press "p" to get all the weapons in the game when you load up the first level. :O

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Didnt he quit working on it years ago? Or has he released a weird alpha version again?

EDIT: but yeah it was a really cool game and you could make your own weapons for it :3

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I wanna play

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Downloading now.

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What is it?

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When I ran a gaming website I did an article on Facewound cheats and I managed to get a ton of traffic from people googling for them, it was pretty cool. Facewound is pretty fun to let off some steam, just get every weapon in the game and blow the crap out of everything.

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Wow, that game was surprisingly awesome. Use the rocket launcher makes a huge explosion, you need to be like 10-15 feet away at least to not lose damage.

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I remember seeing this game some time ago but I didn't realize it came out. I'll have to check it out.

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Never played it. I just checked out some screenshots though and it looks kind of fun.