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I really like album covers because it is a visual artistic expression of a band. Some really stand out to me: 
These are mine:


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Meshuggah's newest album "ObZen" cover is awesome

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Fightstar: Grand Unification

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p.s. some of you guys have f-ing sick minds...
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@themangalist said:
I love AKFG, Great music, Great sound, Great members simple as.
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@eclipsesis:  i'm so glad someone other than me likes them! high five!
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Transatlanticism by Death Cab For Cutie 
On Letting Go by Circa Survive 
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@themangalist said:
" @eclipsesis:  i'm so glad someone other than me likes them! high five! "
* WAA TUCH* (thats the sound of our high five)
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  Bet this is the only gay album cover you see in this thread.
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@eclipsesis said:
"@themangalist said:
" @eclipsesis:  i'm so glad someone other than me likes them! high five! "
* WAA TUCH* (thats the sound of our high five) "

They are pretty damn good
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Animals by Pink Floyd. Just a phenomenal photo and totally conveys the bleak theme of the music as well. 

Go2 by XTC. My favorite cover ever, completely brilliant. 

Year Zero Remixed by Nine Inch Nails. Awesome artwork throughout this project and all the other stuff, especially Ghosts
The Who By Numbers by The Who. The connect-the-dots sketch of the band members is awesome.
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@Whisperkill said:
" @eclipsesis said:
"@themangalist said:
" @eclipsesis:  i'm so glad someone other than me likes them! high five! "
* WAA TUCH* (thats the sound of our high five) "
They are pretty damn good "
*WAA TUCH* you can have a high five aswell
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Top: Nocternity

Bottom: Boris  

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my favourtie album covers are : the blood brothers burn piano island burn 

 and the unicorns 
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 I have a lot of faves. :B
Here's just a small selection:

Drop Nineteens - Winona


Nightmares On Wax - A Word Of Science

Björk - Volta

Radiohead - In Rainbows

And now my definite fave and something trippy for all of you. :V 

Animal Collective - Merriweather

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 Mos Def - The Ecstatic
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Good luck beating this.

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I really like the cover of No Balance Palace with Kashmir 

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 I may not be a fan of all these bands (most, though) but I found the album art striking.  Oh and props to @Hamst3r: for including one of my favorite images from my childhood.  Nakie is good.  

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Artist: globe (Japan)  Album: Lights 
from way back.  not my favorite but imo best "looking" i've personally seen.  i've always liked keiko for her non-jpop idol looks and non-jpop idol voice.  too bad the nice cover doesn't justify the remedial music on this album.
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I get the feeling some of you are just posting the cover to whatever music you're into. Don't have a favorite of my own, though.

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Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine

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of course
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Jeeze, of all time?  I'm not sure about that right now, but to name some off the top of my head..  You can always count on Radiohead, Pink Floyd or The Flaming Lips having amazing and iconic album art, so anything by them really.  I love album covers that feel like accompanying pieces to the music itself, and so that's where my head's at with these choices:

Grizzly Bear's Yellow House 

M. Ward's Hold Time 
EDIT: Sorry about the size.  A tad big.  And Kudos to the guys who posted Neon Bible and In Rainbow.  Good choices!  The In Rainbows art book is amazing as well.
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Gotta go with this one: 

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@ColumnBreaker said:

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@Whisperkill: Man what happened to fort minor, I LOVE that CD, I want new stuff from them.
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Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile

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death metal album covers are awesome.

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Here's some of my favorites.

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@Andeh: Is that cover really moving, or am I just crazy?
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Surprised no one has said this one yet:

And I also like this one: