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Toy Story 3, UP and obviously E.T. probably a few more, just can't remember them off the top of my head. If you didn't shed a tear during E.T. you aren't human.

These exactly, Toy Story 3 was just something that put a beautiful end to the first birthday present I remember getting (Toy Story 1) and the start on UP was of course a wordless wonderland of emotion, E.T is Speilburg at his finest.

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I cried during Up and the first Pokemon movie as a kid.

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The end of toy story 3 was my first. Watched it the day it was release on dvd. The end felt like the acknowledgement of my 90s childhood ending. I was 20 first watching this. Which in reality, yeah. Everything in general is so different. Seeing that in symbolic motion was pretty jarring.

And it wasn't anywhere near as toy story 3, but I did get a bit teary watching braveheart. I did just watch it a few weeks ago on blu-ray. Just seeing a small time little guy, essentially put up his middle finger and do things his way. Plotting his future after his death. Then, the scene right before the death. Seeing mel extremely scared to go out to see his fate. You don't see this anymore. Everyone today has to be either a whiney ass, or *I'm so badass. death is nothing*. Its very tearing.

Then star trek 2 and 3. Because who didn't?

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The end of Toy Story 3 made me tear up a bit. I'm sure I've teared up on other movies, I just can't recall them right now.

To be honest, I cry more when I read things than I do when watching a film. I connect better through literature than cinema I suppose.

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Thought I could say I never cried during a movie, then I rewatched The Last of the Mohicans by Michael Mann and I remembered: bawling like a silly little girl

Edit: Every goddamned time :(

Edit 2:

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Million Dollar Baby

That movie just made me want to punch everybody involved in making it including Clint Eastwood, whom I love otherwise.

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George Washington, The Cove, and Wendy and Lucy all got me pretty hard.

The Cove? Seriously? A bunch of tasty dolphins getting harvested made you cry?

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Also, Star Trek VI.

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Nope. Got choked up a little at the end of Gladiator and Inception.

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Cast Away has the single most hearbreaking scene I've ever seen in a movie.

The wilson scene?

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Not outright crying, but Toy Story 3 got me pretty choked up. I know it's a mini series, but the final scene of Band of Brothers always gets me.

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The only time I shed a tear while watching a movie was at the end of 50/50. That really got to me.

What? Why?

One scene got me in that movie was when his "cancer buddy", didn't show up for chemo because he died. Fuck you cancer!

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The end of Interstellar

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I think the big three for me is the original Pokemon movie, Lords of Dogtown, and Schindlers List.

I was a weird kid...

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Cried yesterday while watching Still Alice, the scene where Julianne Moore describes her Alzheimers, "I feel like my brain is fucking dying. Everything I've ever worked my entire life for is going" and then she breaks down crying and I cried.

A lot of Mike Leigh films get me too. Secrets and Lies and Another year being examples. Mrs. Doubtfire gets me too.

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United 93 cause... Man. I don't know but it just got me bawlin like a baby when they started to make calls to loved ones.

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Hahaha, no.

Hahaha, right? Only losers cry!

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50/50 with Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I know you guys will be thinking really? that movie? But the reason I legitimately cried was because I went in blind knowing only that one of the characters has cancer. One of my close friend had a lost a battle against cancer two weeks before this movie had come out. This movie did an excellent job of what some people go through when they are given the news that they have cancer and how everything in their life just changes. The last fifteen or twenty mins really hit home to me.

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Of course I have. The one movie that I cried at that you'll totally make you do a double-take is the Adam Sandler movie Click (I think it got me the second viewing, too). I swear that that movie has a super fucking sad moment and I know I'm not alone in crying at it cause I've asked a bunch of people I know and they did too.

Also, most recently, Interstellar made me shed a single tear at the end.

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