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And you could only keep 10 things with you(besides clothes) what would they be?

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Nothing, I would just raid a department store anytime I needed anything

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Shotgun, hunting rifle, reliable pistol/revolver, a machete or similar melee weapon and 6 "things" worth of ammo.

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Guns and ammo would be obvious and I would count as one. Medicine, most importantly antibiotics. Maps. Compass. Small tent. Gas siphon. Small toolset, especially to crack ignition cylinders. Lighter/Matches. Small shovel.

But the secret ingredient would be alcohol, as much as possible, partly to quell the ennui and horror of the apocalypse, but mostly as a fail safe, non-perishable trade good

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1. Kbar.

2.Tool Kit

3.Med Kit



6.2x4s and nails

7. An Axe

8. A sledge hammer

9. A Gun of some sort.

10. all of this in my 2002 dodge caravan.

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10 Oreos

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This and a sword, rope, water bottle, cevlar and firestarter

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A heavy duty (1) shotgun and a powerful (2) handgun, plenty of (3) ammo for both, lots of (4) snacks (beef jerkies, granola bars, etc.) to keep your energy level up, (5) water, (6) vitamins, (7) first-aid kit, a small (8) radio, a bright (9) flashlight and, of course, extra (10) batteries for the last two items. By no means it's a complete package - a survival knife, matches, a small tent would be convenient to have with you too - but I'm fairly confident I might survive the first few days with my selection.

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Screw guns and ammo. If you're using a gun to shoot zombies that are far away, then they aren't an immediate threat, waste of ammo. If they're right up in your face, then the gun isn't the best at close range, and no time to reload when they're right on you. Not to mention, run out of ammo, now they're useless. So with that in mind...

As far as defense, I would only have blades. A katana or two, couple of knives, and a sharpening tool.

Other than that, probably some kind of med kit and a stainless steel bottle to keep water in.

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(1) Platemail armour so I'm impossible to infect, (2) a sword, so I can murder my attacks, (3) a box of jerky, so I can last the duration of the slaughter, (4 - 10) a bunch of cinder blocks, planks and nails, for barricades.
If I had a decent heads up, I don't think surviving would be hard at all, as far as classic zombies go.

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Are we talking about the Romero-type zombies (very slow and dumb), the Left 4 Dead-type infected (normal speed and very mad) or Half-Life 2-type fast zombies (well, very fast)? Huge difference, IMO. The slower zombies are, the less you'll need a firearm. Slashing and blunt weapons are better for crowd control in that situation. But if you're being chased by fast zombies, you'll want to have some sort of firepower to keep them at bay.

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Depends. I'm more of a melee type, so my favoured weapons would be either two machetes or a katana. I don't think I'd even take 10 things with me at all. Just weapons, a bit of food and water, and a few cosmetic things like a toothbrush.

I'd wander the post-apocalyptic world looking for other survivers, killing all zombies that cross me. Although I doubt it would be that easy, I like to imagine it that way.

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@Dagbiker said:

1. Kbar.

2.Tool Kit

3.Med Kit



6.2x4s and nails

7. An Axe

8. A sledge hammer

9. A Gun of some sort.

10. all of this in my 2002 dodge caravan.

Now when you say Coke, what are you referring to?

I would say also get a decent amount of beef jerky.

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9 shotguns and a pack of cigars.

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Is this a list of things that we already own and are allowed to keep with us, or just 10 things we would personally want in a zombie apocalypse? If it's the former i would have to go with the following:

1. Lumber Axe 2. Bastard Sword (yea i own one don't judge me) 3. Canned Food 4. Flashlight 5. A good backpack 6. The Aeneid (a bit of cultured entertainment is always a good thing) 7. Canteen 8. Bike 9. First Aid Kit 10. Fire Starting Kit.

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I would only need two things.

1: A gun.

2: A bullet.

Zombies fucking terrify me.

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A space station, a group of deathly loyal busty ninja sexy space marines all kitted out, and a transport ship so I could ferry survivors to my space station where I rule with an iron fist until the day we can take back the earth from the zombie menace and I can lead humanity to a glorious future. Also a cloning machine so I can replace the fiercely loyal busty ninja sexy space marine ladies and keep a bunch around as my harem/body guards. Also an Immortality serum for myself and one other vial for the love of my life should I ever meet them.

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Guns, Guns, bullets, guns, more bullets, guns, more bullets, even more bullets, still more bullets, and finally more guns. Guns and bullets are the cheat code because once you enter them, every other human will give you any additional items that you request. If they don't want to relinquish them, guns and bullets allow you to put them in a state that makes taking them easy to take, whether someone wanted to resist you while living or not.

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M50 Gas Mask because there's bound to be some bad shit in the air if zombies are a thing.

M16A4 Rifle because it's reliable and familiar and has a fairly wide range of applications. With as many full Mags as I can fit in my pack with everything else.

Individual First Aid Kit for obvious reasons.

Improved Load Bearing pack to carry all my shit in.

Modular Sleeping System for those nights when you don't have much shelter.

Body Armor because I won't be the only guy with a gun, and chances are someone'll try to kill me for one reason or another.

A box of MREs for when food can't be scavenged.

A Kindle DX to keep me sane.

Trijicon 4x32 ACOG with attached MOA RMR Sight

Entrenching Tool for creating shelter and as a melee weapon.

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@Morka said:

I would only need two things.

1: A gun.

2: A bullet.

Zombies fucking terrify me.

You're basically saying you'd commit suicide...?

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just try to eat me you zombie SOBs.

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I'd probably want some kind of rifle, some kind of pistol, a double-sided machete, a hunting/survival knife, trail mix/granola/jerky/other foods like this, an outdoor survival guide, a zombie survival guide, first-aid kit, survival kit, and a kindle (battery lasts a while right?).

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1. The concept of Christmas.

2. A photo of French Stewart.

3. The first thing again.

4. A copy of "The Drew Carey Show: Season 5" on DVD.

5. A Yeti.

6. A MicroUSB cable.

7. Twenty rubles.

8. Fifty rubles.

9. Bouillabaisse.

10. Jeff Goldblum.

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Since when could zombies burn houses down? I'll stay at home thankyouverymuch

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1. A cute high school girl sidekick/love interest, just like in a japanese game anime everything

2. Superpowers

3. G.E.C.K.

4. A katana

5. The power of love

6. Snacks/some real food

7. Water

8. A water heater

9. Electricity

10. Earl Grey tea

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@Cubidog1 said:

And you could only keep 10 things with you(besides clothes) what would they be?

Group of friends take over out local costco that happens to be next to a outdoors store with lots of guns and Home Depot right across the street.. Unless the zombies come out in hordes where i live *mostly wooded* i doubt it would be hard to get those 3 places defended before anything really big comes our way..

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1) i'd bring my firearms, ammo, extra magazines for them

2) water

3) aluminum baseball bat

4) machete

5) splash guard for my face, so that i don't get zombie blood all over it.

6) MRE's since they're designed to make you constipated. i don't think there could be anything worse than being attacked by a zombie, or two, a few, or more than that while you're taking a shit.

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If The Walking Dead is anything to go by, I'd probably ignore guns as much as possible and stick to blades. Can't think of 10 things really but a few knives, first-aid kit, some long-lasting food, and plenty of bottled water.

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3.more pills?

4.more louis...

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1. some sort of rifle

2. a whole hell of a lot of bullets

3. blunt weapon, like an axe of some sort

4. some sort of gas mask/face mask (in case these are spitting zombies that can infect me via my eyes)

5. Thick leather clothing (I want the least amount of skin exposed as possible, make it harder for them to bite me

6. A canteen full of water

7. Iodine tablets

8. MRE's

9. Army Boots

Honestly, I feel like the location you are in/ the one you pick is very important, and a deciding factor on what you would want to bring with you. Different situations could lead to different things being essential, nahmean?

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1. A pistol

2. A crate full of bullets

3. Another crate full of bullets

4. A fuel efficient pickup truck

5. A barrel of gasoline

6. Another barrel of gasoline

7. A third barrel of gasoline

8. A funnel


10. Another pistol for Claude

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  1. Hunting rifle
  2. matches
  3. knife
  4. hammer
  5. nails
  6. wooden planks
  7. 2 liters of water
  8. some food
  9. Gun
  10. Bullets

But I'd probably be one of the first ones to go.

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So I had this big response to a few people, but then decided to delete it as to not be a buzzkill.

Just take into account that it is not about killing Zombies. It is about Survival. Before you even think about weapons / gear, you need to think about what you can do (how much you can carry will factor into how many shotgun shells you can bring, or how far you can walk in a day with a bug-out kit, for instance). Then you can plan on how to defend yourself.

However, if it's just "ten things" and nothing else matters, pick whatever you want. I'd go with heavy plate armor, one shoulder-mounted Minigun and one shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, with auto-tracking software, and a Bolter pistol one hand with a chainsword in the other. And the Typhoon defense system from Human Revolution. And then I'd just take a stroll through a heavily populated city and have one of the best days ever.

Or, way more likely, I would just get myself to an inhospitable wasteland, probably a frozen one, and then just wait for the zombies to decay. If it's cold enough, you can just take a shovel or something similar to the corpsicle's head. Provided, of course, if you know how and have the gear to live in such a place...so I would probably just die. Sucks to think about...but I think I'd rather freeze to death than have zombies take chunks out of me, and then turn into one.

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10 things besides clothes? Hmmm ok.

1. A nuclear-powered aircraft carrier w/ planes and helicopters, armaments for same (they're a package)
2. A full complement of crew
3. Medical staff
4. Huge amounts of medical supplies
5. A large, fertile island to grow crops on.
6. A base on said island
7. A large military/police force, well armed and armoured
8. Civilians to work and repopulate
9. A comfortable throne
10. A cape of some sort, as I, Emperor Tim of the People's Zombie-Free Imperium of Man, deserve a cape I think.

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The antidote.