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Ok, now that im 21, I get the daunting decision of picking up my first brand of beer to purchase with my own money. Since I turned 21, i just been drinking my dads bud light, but while its ok I guess, I wanna get a different brand. And I wanna buy it with my own money, so Im not really limited on how much of it I can drink and I think itll feel like a bigger deal to me. I was thinking about Rolling Rock, but that was only because I watch alot of the Angry Video game Nerd, and he drinks that all the time, so it kinda got subliminally stuck in my head. Or I can try something else, any suggestions?
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Alcohol is for pussies. Meth is where it's at

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I come from a small city, so there isn't much variety, but Keiths and Heineken are fine. Propeller is better but that's more of a local brand.

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Where I come from the legal age to buy beer is 18. Man, am I glad it's not 21 here... :P
I would have gone for Carlsberg or Heiniken if I where you. Excellent beers both of them!

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Im not srue if I wanna go with like a Budweiser, since everyone drinks that. I maybe wanna try something a bit more not as mainsteam, jsut to see how it is. I guess heineken might be fine.
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Yuengling lager is my beer of choice. If I'm drinking really cheap shit, I go for Miller High Life, the champagne of beers.

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Depends what you like... if you're not a big beer drinker, go for something like a Hefeweizen, if you want something thats a bit stronger, find a good IPA. 
If you really want to get to know beer, find out if theres somewhere in your area that lets you do a mix-and-match six pack of various single bottles. It's a good way to try different brands and styles.

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does it have to be beer?  there are a wide range of libations to choose from.  why not go for a small sampler mix of varying spirits?  gin, vodka, scotch, brandy.  they all have their own pro's and cons.  just don't drink them all together. 
and always remember the first rule of drinking. "ALWAYS EAT BEFORE YOU DRINK"   
can't say that enough. 
p.s. if you are dead set on beer i've found that wheat beers taste lest like ass then most.

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If Bud Light is your Dad's beer, Rolling Rock is good to have around. Rolling Rock has a different taste than Bud Light. I'm not sure, but maybe a little sharper. If you can find a Yuengling, those are pretty good as well, very nice to have around.
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Go for a local brand, that's what I say.

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I personally like microbrews.  Not sure where your from, but try to hunt down some local brew companies.  

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@BestUsernameEver said:

" Alcohol is for pussies. Meth is where it's at "

Well shit you bet me to it lol.
  Woodchuck cider is god!
 After drinking bud lite and its counter parts for years, i never went back. Its sooooo good, espically if you just started drinking.
But if i want to drink something heavier I like Shocktop or Blue moon.
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BIG BEAR MALT LIQUOR!!! It'll put hair on your chest!

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The first beer you should buy with your own money is a Bud Light for your dad.  Trust me, it'll be the best beer he's ever had.

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I know a lot of people like Yuengling around here...then again, I do live in Pennsylvania (where they started).

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@BestUsernameEver: Meth isn't that good, I prefer heroin.