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RIP the Naytch! 
CNN Breaking News - 31/3/2010, 1148pm - ADF34f.php34f34d
Richard Flair was found dead in his home this evening at around 10:12pm. The superstar had just left WWE programming and moved brands to TNA where guilt and tension to his close WWE friends had pushed him over the edge of sanity.

Richard  Flair is a name you won't hear on WWE programming, the former Nature boy having been erased from Wrestling history. Now, with the situation of his suicide, is it time to, if not forgive, at least not forget the former World Champion?

Ric Flair. Two words which provoke a confusing mix of emotions in any wrestling fan. They evoke a hardworking decent man, an intense, tenacious wrestler and a pathetic and despicable final act.

These three sides are impossible to take apart and look at individually yet too contradictory to fit together. Thinking about Ric Flairhurts the head as well as the heart.

If the Nature boy had passed away quietly in his sleep on 31st March 2010, he would now be a recognised and honoured legend.

A veteran of over 20 years, Flair wrestled successfully and memorably in Mexico, Japan, Canada and the US, competing in some of the most standout matches of his era.

Arguably the most emotional finale of any Wrestlemania was Flairs title win in 2004 where, accompanied in the ring by Eddie Guerrero,Flair  became utterly overcome with emotion, clutching the belt in tears after an epic victory over Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

Sadly for everyone, Flair woke up on March 31st.

The inside of Flairs mind on that last weekend is impossible to contemplate, his final actions even harder still.

He ended the lives of his wife and child, Flair tore a massive void in both his and his wife's families' lives forever. At the same time he tore a void, tiny and insignificant in comparison, in the lives of wrestling fans.

How are we supposed to feel when the words "Ric Flair" come to mind?

It's hard to think of flair as a hero anymore. The word might be ill-fitting for any professional wrestler but it is how WWE likes to brand its superstars, and Ric Flair simply doesn't fit.

It's also hard to think of Flair as a murderer. This article, written by a fan, has avoided the word until now. The fact is Flair was and is both.

It isn't possible to ignore what Flair did to his family, but might it be possible to remember while acknowledging all the work and dedication that went before?

Flair may never be hailed as a Hall of Famer, but might his existence one day be acknowledged by the business to which he devoted so much?

In one way, perhaps it has. Flair was nothing if not committed. He gave everything the fans demanded, never shirking a move, a bump or a chair shot to the head.

This month, WWE banned the use of chair shots to the head, a small price for fans to pay to the memory of Ric Flair

In the end,  Flair gave up his sanity, his legacy, his family and his life for the entertainment and approval of the crowd. Too foolish and too naive to be heroic but surely still worth remembering.


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Just wondering, what would have killed him if you kept going with the joke? Heartattack due to him screaming WOOO! too much?

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i hate april 1st...

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@Venatio:  Was thinking either heart attack or all the self infilicted cuts he done to his face just all opened up at once and he bled to death. Maybe alcohol poisoning could of been believable?
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Don't be messing with Ric Flair, before you know it he'll be outside your door wooing.

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@Rhaknar said:
" i hate april 1st... "
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That was not even remotely believable.

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RIP Rick flair.... we will miss you, why did you have to pull a Benoit :P

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Joking about someone's death is just so much fun. You moron.

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" @Rhaknar said:
" i hate april 1st... "
yeah.. "
But it's April Second, 
Also, that is a really long post.
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That's not cool. Dont say people died when they didnt. Also i think karmically you just upped your chances of dying tragically alot.

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@Supermarius: Haha chill, it used to happen on the Cartoon Roadrunner where the cayote would die all the time due to Acme explosions, nobody complained then.
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@Supermarius said:
" That's not cool. Dont say people died when they didnt. Also i think karmically you just upped your chances of dying tragically alot. "
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If your going to sell a lie keep it short and simple. Also faking people deaths especially the way you did is way uncool dickhead.

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Holy crap, you had me going there for a minute. Then I wondered why there wasn't a link and how odd the post itself was. Then I scrolled down...Damn you. Not really funny though. Faking a death should not be funny.

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I fell for it for one second,but then i realised it was april fools!
Damn you!

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it's true he has died, once in 1893, again in 1934, and he will die again.

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Why did he have to pull a benoit?? very sad :P

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Not much of an April fools...unless you consider the fact professional wrestling is still around as one big april fools.

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this is just stupid crazy ****** dumb, perm ban should be a easy penalty. This is not fun at all.

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TS is a douche. Not funny.

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It's spelt Ric and his real last name is spelt Fliehr.

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This is strange, I just heard Benoit was ressurected?? coincidence?

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@Fragstoff said:
" you basterd "
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BAH! >:P

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@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" @Rhaknar said:
" i hate april 1st... "
yeah.. "
It´s the worst.
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Knew it was an april fools joke....I came into today expecting everything to be a joke.

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Why hasn't this been locked?

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Don't even joke about that. :P
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Because some people have a sense of humour?
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@Astras said:
" @Yukoei:  Because some people have a sense of humour? "
I am just saying because my April Fools thread was locked.
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Half robot, half Ric Flair, in the middle of the dancefloor thinkin' 'bout your underwear!

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@XII_Sniper: WTF? :P
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As soon as i knew what today was, i knew this could not be true ;)

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...thank god it's only 12 more hours until the day is over.

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I knew it was an April Fool's joke, but man, that would make me so, ridiculously sad if Ric Flair did die today.  

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@nanikore: Rick Flair wwe, wcw, TNA, ECW legend! He's dead didn't you know?
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@Astras said:
" @nanikore: Rick Flair wwe, wcw, TNA, ECW legend! He's dead didn't you know? "
His first name is spelled Ric. Even I knew that.
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@Astras said:
" @XII_Sniper: WTF? :P "
Aww this thread just reminded me of a Midnight Brown song. Ask Jeff Gerstmann why his lyrics are so weird. 
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You bath turd...

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I guess the bear got the better of him

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