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  1. The disappearance of all previous posts in this thread is supremely perplexing.
  2. @i_smell: This thread was actually very organized. Categorically and alphabetically, in fact. It was useful in seeing if a specific user that you like also has a twitter account, among other things.

Perhaps @Gamer_152, who was managing this thread, can either fix this or delete it.

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@jjweatherman: There was apparently a glitch in the transfer of this thread from the old site to the new site, and the original data was lost. I'm going to shut this down and most likely create a new thread. We've lost a lot here, but the new thread will probably be much easier to work with than this one was, given the new tools, and considering it's been a long time since this thread started, a new one may actually be able to give us a better overview of the community right now.