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My answer is hands down Josh Ritter. I'm a sucker for well-written, meaningful lyrics and this guy is easily one of the best in the business. He puts on a hell of a live show too. How about the rest of the GB community?

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Tame Impala.

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Garbage, their music is diverse and very powerful.

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Love these guys...

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The Generationals

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Listen to more Tuvan rock, It's awesome.



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Sadly, i fear this type of music is on the brink of being forgotten.

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@sionweeks said:

Tame Impala.

This band is awesome.

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Hip Hop Violin

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Fear Factory, deserve more than they get

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School Food Punishment.

It's a shame that they went on hiatus.

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This musician creates music that not everyone will enjoy. But I doubt anyone would say what he does isn't incredibly impressive.

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Devin Townsend.

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Coheed and Cambria (beyond Welcome Home)

Circa Survive

Fall of Troy (now broken up sadly)

Dillinger Escape Plan

Protest the Hero



I could go on...

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@Bogitt Come on man, those are relatively famous in the UK. But yeah, good music :)

Now THIS, this is unjustly unknown: Wisp, a seriously classy IDM/ambient electronica artist:

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@VinceNotVance: Wow, that's actually legitimately fantastic. Thanks!

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Poets of The Fall makes some amazing music, known from Remedy Games. I thinkt they deserve some more attention and praise

And another amazing song

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Cloud Nothings

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Murder By Death

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EDIT: Dang near every band mentioned in here is awful. Better left unknown.

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Gavin Castleton, without a doubt. He is one of my biggest influences as a musician, but almost no-one knows him

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Amina http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BYIDUvAtiGc

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@Dagbiker: Even though the music she is representing I don't care for, that is talent.

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True, but OP is from America figured he might not of heard of them.

Wow, like that bit of music too - Nice!

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Clutch. I don't get how they're not totally huge as they have been around for for over 20 years and have a giant following but somehow they've never really broke through to that really huge audience. The closest thing they've had to a "hit" is their track "Electric Worry" which some of you may recognize from the Left 4 Dead 2 ads a few years back, though it's not terribly representative of their style which has varied quite a bit throughout their career. They've also had their songs appear on TV shows like The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy, Here's a few tracks from throughout their career but believe me when I say that these barely scratch the surface.

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Daniel Yount, he's a great composer:

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Always and forever Aidan Knight

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@BulletproofMonk said:

Devin Townsend.

Devin Townsend is the greatest musician on the planet.


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The best.

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Just recently discovered Baroness via the Twitter feed of David Goldfarb, the executive producer for BF3's SP campaign. I love the instrumental stuff they do, the 'singing' bits are an aquired taste, but I do warm to their peculiar interplay somewhat. T'is my favorite song of theirs thus far. Every now and then I delve into their more aggressive materials. Outstanding muscians, and a very 'genre' singer. Unique, and awesome.

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Everything Josh Homme is associated with.

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I never miss a chance to plug the Horslips.

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Jerry Cantrell

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Enter Shikari

The messages and ideals behind their songs resonates with me well, especially songs like System... ...Meltdown and Stalemate.

Most people I show them to hate them though as they say they're too dubsteppy or too hardcore. I love them because of the balance of both genres.

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Dead by April. It is a Swedish metal band that are really awesome.

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Big Black. Although they were pretty influential on future punk, noise and industrial bands, a lot of people have never heard of them.

Also, there's this French post/black metal shoegaze-y group called Alcest, and their sound is both unique and beautiful. More people need to know about them.

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David Johansen from the New York Dolls is pretty good, and they don't really get much credit for their recent work and some of his solo stuff;

Always enjoyed the music of Johnny Flynn, he seemed to miss out on the neo-folk revival (maybe to his benefit considering it includes acts like laura marling / mumford and sons)

And Death, its insane to think this was from 1974

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Threads like these were a hell of a lot more interesting prior to the existence of YouTube.

#47 Posted by LTSmash (668 posts) -

Sister Rosetta Tharpe


Skip to 1:28 and watch this lady shred.

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Slug from Atmosphere is one of my all-time favorite lyricists. It's rare when a rapper can kick ass in a freestyle battle and then sit down and write intricate rhymes rich with symbolism and storytelling. It's never pretentious, though, which is what makes the music so perfect to me.

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Nobue Uematsu should become WAY more famous than he already is IMO.

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Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. That man and his songwriting...*sigh*