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#1 Posted by wwfundertaker (1408 posts) -

Afer 15 years of watching wrestling, i have given up. i will not torture myself watching poor quality wrestling. In case people are wondering im taking a bash at WWE and TNA.
R.I.P the wrestling industry, you were fun to watch.

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@TheMustacheHero said:

"Rednecks. "

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I never watched wrestling myself, but I remember every one of my cousins always flipping to it every Thanksgiving when The Rock was really popular and still wrestling. Never understood the appeal and other than a single joke made about a certain wrestler appearing in an RTS with an elbow drop attack from a helicopter I usually zone out whenever wrestling is mentioned on the bombcast.

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Not many people as there were in the 90's thats for sure anyway.

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A bunch of laughably hyper-masculinized, huge, sweaty men in tights and giant gaudy belts, grappling with each other and then showboating while loud, obnoxious music plays, and thousands of rednecks cheer from the audience. 
How does anyone enjoy this?

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I have and always will be a fan of professional wrestling.  I do agree with you that WWE and TNA are pretty crappy now.  TNA has been absolute garbage for months now.  WWE for... years =/
That's what AAA is for every Saturday.  I don't understand most of the Spanish since the announcers talk ridiculously fast and over each other, but I like the wrestling and the wrestlers. 

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i only enjoyed wrestling when it had stone cold, the rock, and foley.

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dude, that's weird. it was actually the other day that i gave up on wrestling. both products are awful and i just got sick of it. i've been a wrestling fan for almost 10 years and it's a fucking joke now. 

 R.I.P the wrestling industry, you were fun to watch. "
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WWE is getting stale in my opinion, but TNA has really started to impress me...  I don't know it seems like there is more interesting storylines there and more character in the wrestlers.  But with that saying I think when you have watched it sooooo long it starts to bore a little bit so I totally understand you.

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I never cared about that fake sport or what ever it is. Watching fat idiots in underwear jumping around ain't my kinda thing.

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I don't since I turned 10 a while back now.

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Wrestling fans.

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Honestly I can't believe how shitty it has become.  I can't stand watching it.   My eyes just burn every time I see it on the t.v. or see it on video games.  Its nothing but a bunch of sweaty old guys, playing grab ass.

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@10MP said:
" i only enjoyed wrestling when it had stone cold, the rock, and foley. "
Agreed man agreed.
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@Bucketdeth said:
" @10MP said:
" i only enjoyed wrestling when it had stone cold, the rock, and foley. "
Agreed man agreed. "
Agreed, once more.
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I watch the occasional TNA, it's too bad they aren't regularly releasing classic PPv matches for free on YouTube anymore.

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I stopped caring about wrestling when I was about ten years old...that was in 1989, people.

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Not I. 
I still watch old wrestling though.

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Dude Smackdown is kicking ass nowadays. I've stopped watching Raw since HHH, Cena and Orton have been choking the main event week after week, but SD has guys like Morrison and CM Punk that are making names for themselves in the upper card. It's a lot of fun to watch.

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Used to be way into wrestling, especially ROH and stuff from Japan, but I guess I outgrew it. I totally see the appeal, and with recent Bombcast discussions on wrestling and seeing the movie The Wrestler, I've kind of been feeling the tug again. But then I turn on WWE Raw, see Randy Orton doing his whole weird psycho routine that just makes him look lost, and see DX back for the 49th time, and go "dude, forget it" and turn that shit off. But I reckon I could still watch and enjoy a Bryan Danielson match.

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Two years ago for me. I was one of the hardcore fans. I used to watch it when it had attitude. The Rock, Stone Cold, and my absolute favorite, Goldberg. When I was little, I would watch old N.W.A tapes. Stufff that was way before my time. I loved WCW and WWF. It seemed like it went downhill after the name change. I enjoyed early John Cena when he still rapped. He is actually a very talented rapper. I even have the album. It has become abysmal. I can't stand Randy Orton and his fake attempts to look Psychotic because he looks retarded. And I do mean Retarded, like he has some kind of mental disability. I can't stand TNA. I mean, The Main Event Mafia? That sounds terrible no matter what context you put that in. 

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I gave up a few months ago. It's not really the fact that it's so bad (which it is), but the fact that I've decided that I have better things to do than watch wrestling four nights a week. If there's an event in the city I'm in, I'll be going, but I just don't have the time to invest in a mediocre product every week.
It really is a shame.

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i always find myself coming back to wwe, then i stop for a while then i watch for a while... its just a cycle... btw im watching it now and its pretty good...

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@Bucketdeth said:
" @10MP said:
" i only enjoyed wrestling when it had stone cold, the rock, and foley. "
Agreed man agreed. "
Word!  Then Stone cold beat the shit outta his wife, The Rock became an actor, And Foley thought he could be an author.  Foley's back in TNA now, even though he said NEVER again.  Oh well, they're addicted.
#29 Posted by hunkaburningluv (568 posts) -

I catch TNA relatively regularly, but since Angle has been allowed to get away with blue murder, I've kinda soured to them a bit, it is still fin to watch though.....

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 There are a handful of good wrestlers left today but sadly they get dragged down by the mediocrity of all the other guys. For me WWE went to shit once John Cena came into the picture and they made WWE into PG wrestling instead of their Teen to Mature wrestling. For me i think it's Vince thinking he can just do whatever the fuck he wants and people are just going to let him do it. The only reason i watch it now is because my dad still does, and even then i only watch the PPV's and an hour or so of RAW or Smackdown. WWE needs to stop whoring the same 4-5 wrestlers night after night. For Christ sake they might as well call it the The HHH, John Cena and Randy Orton Show at this point because every night is always just about them. 
For me the nail in the coffin of me caring anything about wrestling is what they are doing with RAW right now. This weekly guest thing is complete bull shit and makes me literally embarrassed to watch it some times. How in the hell someone thinks its a good idea to get people to come out who couldn't care less about wrestling and essentially get into the ring and run around saying "HAHAHA DIS DEER WRESTLING HAHAHAH!" then jump around like a jackass and walk away blows my mind. Plus the few wrestlers i care about are ether never given any time in the ring, are always hurt or are going to retire soon. WWE needs to get off their asses and get some major new talent soon because Randy Orton as great of a wrestler and heel as he is, can only float that place for so long before all the guys too old to wrestle that are making up 90% of their matches are going to be retiring soon. Then they are going to be left with a small roster of inexperienced guys who nobody cares about because they have never had any screen time to build up their characters or chances to show off their talent.
Also, hire some real god dam writers please. I can only watch the same stupid story week after week again and again so many times before i just tune out forever.

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I'll carry on watching WWE until the day Undertaker retires. Then I'll stop.

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*insert played out, homophobic comment about wrestling involving two sweaty men touching each other*
I stopped watching wrestling just before I got out of high school and that was in the attitude era, maybe 2000? Anyway, I still catch a show here and there these days, but it sure is lacking in the interesting characters and story departments. Their increased focus on womens wrestling -- which is still a debacle -- and the continuing MTVing of the product just makes it all even less appealing than it already is.
I haven't watched more than an hour of TNA over the past year, but I don't need to watch anymore to see that they have a loooooooong ways to go. Everytime I turn it on it has literally a bunch of hicks, rednecks, and trailer trash yelling and acting extremely poorly - even by wrestling standards. And don't even get me started on that ring design. What a show.

#33 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -

i gave up when i was a kid

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@eroticfishcake said:

" Not many people as there were in the 90's thats for sure anyway. "

Lack of the rock and stone cold steve austin and i dont rem the show going on for 3 hours that and im not 15 anymore
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@Hats said:
" @eroticfishcake said:

" Not many people as there were in the 90's thats for sure anyway. "

Lack of the rock and stone cold steve austin and i dont rem the show going on for 3 hours that and im not 15 anymore "
Considering the major wrestlers are gone and replaced by those...watchamacallit...female wrestlers (not that I have a problem with that) but you can tell they're getting desperate if they're doing that. I remember wrestling was always on TV regardless of which channel it was. Not that I ever watched it of course.
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totally agree, Chris Jericho has said something similar on his twitter account....
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This dude at my work is still crazy hyped about wrestling

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One summer when I was in junior high, I got into the "sport", but I haven't had much use for it since.  If I want to see two guys beating each other up, I'll watch hockey. Now, if promoters want to get me interested in the style of programming again, someone needs to bring back G.L.O.W.

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idk, i stopped watching after a couple of years. there are no good wrestlers anymore. i'm talking about the good ones like stone cold steve austin, the rock, hulk hogan. there are still a handful of good wrestlers. there us to be great stuff there. 

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@hunkaburningluv: Maybe i am Chris Jericho...(X-Files music)
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I meet up with friends at BW3 to watch the PPVs for WWE, but I haven't watched RAW or Smackdown in quite some time. 

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I never really ever got into wrestling so yeaaa

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@BiffMcBlumpkin said:
" @TheMustacheHero said:

"Rednecks. "

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If you're watching wrasslin' for the athletic sportsman ship  i think you're watching it for the wrong reasons, I will now now present 2 examples of the right reasons.

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See, you guys say you liked the 90s and hate this new stuff.
I like the old, OLD stuff, couldn't stand wrestling when they became super serious and tried to make it a soap opera for men. Before it was just so goofy and ridiculous, it was awesome, but they still put on quality matches. Rick Rude vs Ricky Steamboat? Awesome stuff.

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@thecleric: what you mean like this?
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more like
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@TheMustacheHero said:
" Rednecks. "
#50 Posted by OutOfBounds9000 (2300 posts) -

Me,man i always go for Hulk Hogan.