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If you are lost as me, then we are on the page. 
There is a new staff members among the crew and for the most part, they were able to introduce themselves. But there is one that still a mystery to me, and that is Joey. He has been among us for at least 2 months and I just now heard of him from Jeff's E3 post. 
I feel like there hasn't been a good formal introduction, so I would like to say.....
Welcome to the crew and we hope to hear from you!
(If you get around to reading this)
If anyone has any information leading to the capture or introduction of Joey, please feel free to enlighten me.

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Joey, I summon you.

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@illmatic19:  Now, I'm just confused. He used to be at gamespot?
Damn it... nvm
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beat me to it!
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OMG, I was just thinking this! This E3 stuff is the 1st I've heard of him.

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I'm pretty sure he does video production for other Whiskey media sites. Much like Vinny does. 

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He is the video dude for all of whiskey media, at least that is what i heard.

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He is a video dude for Whiskey Media in general. Watch this video for all the info you need.

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Oh I guess that makes sense. It would be pretty cool if he got some screen time thou.

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@Seedofpower: I 1st thought that too, then I went "oooh"
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@Daveyo520:  The backround fooled me lol.
@Vito_Raliffe: I still think he needs a formal intro, not every goes to ustream.
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@Seedofpower:  It looks just like and old review or On the Spot. Well back when I used to care :P
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some duder that does things for whiskey media.

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He looks like Rich.

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Here's your answer: 

JoeyF on June 11, 2010
@Green_Incarnate said: 

@rjayb89 said: 

@Brad said: 
@rjayb89 said: 
" Joey? "
Joey. "
... Joey Allard? "
Jason. "
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During Jeff's live stream of him, Brad and Joey going down to L.A. Joey was driving. At a lot of people watching kept asking who Joey was and repeating that he looked a lot like Rich Gallup. I believe eventually it was revealed that Joey was an associate producer from Whiskey Media.

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joey is rich gallup's evil twin.

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Joey is a spy.

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Joey works directly for Comic Vine. When he is needed he also does videos for Tested and Screened. Now you know.

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This is Joey,  You and he are...

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" @illmatic19 said:

 Sup, Yo, Sup with the whack shit? Sup with the wack shit sup, Yo    
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Hooray for Joey!

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Hey guys, sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier.  I, indeed, am the illusive "Joey".
I am a video dude for Whiskey Media; I mainly work on Comic Vine and Screened, but being that I'm Whiskey, I help out the other sites when needed as is the case with e3.  Totally stoked to be here at e3 this year with these guys and hope that with one more of us video guys we'll be able to get you guys even more videoness.
Just to clear up a couple things: I am not a spy andI prefer Joey Lawrence over Matt LeBlanc as my favorite depiction of me on television.
Thanks for the welcome, everyone!

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I am glad to have come into this thread to find out who joey is! 
I am sad to have come into this thread to see that friends snake pic- now i shant sleep 

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Hello Joey! =]

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@JoeyF:  Welcome to the Giant Bombness side of the whiskey family, Joey! It's good to have you here.
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" This is Joey,  You and he are...
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" He is the video dude for all of whiskey media, at least that is what i heard. "
This.  He runs video stuff for all the Whiskey Media sites.
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@JoeyF: Welcome!