#1 Posted by Jedted (2670 posts) -

What time does this usually start at? Would like to know so i can decide how early i should arrive in Boston.

#2 Posted by Marino (5557 posts) -

Usually 8, but there's no guarantee it'll happen this year.

#3 Posted by Jedted (2670 posts) -

@marino: Does Harmonix usually announce it via twitter before PAX?

#4 Posted by Marino (5557 posts) -

@jedted: Yeah. You have to buy tickets.

#5 Posted by endoworks (332 posts) -

I'm hopping they do it again, I missed out last year because tickets sold super fast so if it does happen I'm hopping I have better luck this year.

#6 Posted by RandomAtom (103 posts) -

I hope they do it. This will be my first PAXEast and I have always heard how fun this party was.

#7 Posted by patbaer (172 posts) -

They're doing a party on Friday next to the convention center, as well as a thing on Sunday. No Thursday night Rock Band.