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#1 Posted by defector (42 posts) -

Hey guys. I started a Rust server, and I'm looking to populate it. We're friendly to new players, and we want to help people learn the game. I want to build a friendly, competitive community where you can do whatever you want. Be a bandit, builder, trader, or leader.

Features: Door Sharing, Private Messaging, Airdrops, Sleeper, PVP

Server Name: Rust 4 All


#2 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

@defector: heya, I'll hop on now. (maybe be a better choice to post to the Rust forums.) Is this a Giant Bomb exclusive server or is it more of a public thing? I and others duders, have been playing on another user's server here, but it's located in Australia which has been causing trouble with latency. I'm only worried with a public server there would be too much jerks ruining the experience.

#3 Posted by orlandodoom (89 posts) -

Yeah, post this on the rust forums man.

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Yeah, post this on the rust forums man.

Please do duder! I'm the one that's been running one in Australia, and there's a bunch of people after a local server.

#5 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

I spent a while playing today, though I did end up being killed, It's still a great time playing. I'll be hopping on tomorrow to start anew.

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(DamnBoxes): Thanks again for starting this up, @defector. Great fun was had last night, and like @sexytoad, I'll be hopping on today as well.

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@vertebrae: I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. The Giant Bomb community really is the best.

@sexytoad Yeah, PVP is a part of the Rust experience. You'll have to get to getting shot at (and dying). hehe. I actually enjoy the PVP and having people come on to kill and loot. It's nice to have a nice mix of course. But, everyone is welcome to come set up in Ecko Valley. We have quite a few buildings up already, and we protect each other. The game is at it's best when there's multiple factions fighting each other imo.

#8 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

@defector: yeah, while I think I may prefer a peaceful server, pvp is best for all. Because essentially, Rust is about that. It's about surviving, be wary about others, and protecting your own things.

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I finally found the town in the tales my grandfather told me about. Ecko valley exists. While the streets are not golden, I've been told we are looking into that. Come on in Giant Bombers! It's been a moderately friendly server so far!

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I'll check it out. I'm kind of spread across a lot of servers right now. If you see Epidemik in game, that's me.

*edit* Server seems pretty chill. I set up a small place near everyone. I'll get it expanded and fortified tomorrow.

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@thatonedudenick: Yeah, it was great to see you there. The Giant Bomb settlement is coming along nicely. It's actually quite impressive. I'm hoping to get more Giant Bomb dudes in there.

#12 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

There's an update today, it seems, includes combo locks, beds, and music.

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I'm finally able to start killing and be threatening without dying myself. y'all should join up!

#14 Posted by defector (42 posts) -

lol, we're doing well. Our group is too large to oppose.

#15 Edited by ThatOneDudeNick (992 posts) -

The neighborhood is coming together nicely. Great server. Good people.

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For you LOTR enthusiasts out there, there's a campfire at the top of that-there tower which, when lit, we call the EYE OF SAURON... burning like a watchful eye that glares above the trees upon the brink of the valley...

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The server is open to the public but most duders have bound together to build the settlement you see above.The server population is growing at a good rate so there is more more to do.

#18 Posted by defector (42 posts) -

We're adding members to the community everyday. We just put up a defensive wall around our settlement. Come and join us!

#19 Posted by development (2948 posts) -

Oh jeez, I gotta join this.

#20 Posted by Zlimness (605 posts) -

Joined the Bomb Cult compound today. Don't fuck with us, we have guns and shit!

#21 Posted by defector (42 posts) -

@zlimness: hahah Awesome. Welcome to the fold.

#22 Posted by development (2948 posts) -

Had much fun today. Us Americans seem to be a little more violent than the Aussies.

#23 Edited by VoshiNova (1991 posts) -

Holy shit! I've been biting my lip reading about Rust and wondering if I should get it. Everyone seems to have the "joined server, got ganked" experience - I would love to join you all in building a community!

#24 Posted by DamnBoxes (14 posts) -
#25 Posted by Lord_Ozma (37 posts) -

Any chance this server could get an Instacraft mod? I'd love to play on a fun server with some GB peeps but I can't stand having to wait for things to craft. I've been spoiled by greener pastures!

#26 Posted by Wolfgame (998 posts) -

I'll have to swing by at some point, I never could get a very stable start in my time spent in Rust trying to survive going solo, I'd like to see more of the games crafting and I think I need the support of the community with guns to protect me while I noob it up :-p

#27 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

I hear that the removal of zombies is near completion, according to their trello page. It'll be a shame seeing them go but I'm excited to see how they replace the loot system the zombies controlled.

Rumor also has it that the next update may be required a wipe. But let's hope for the best and hope they're just rumors!

#28 Posted by defector (42 posts) -

@lord_ozma: We've talked about halving the crafting time, but instacraft always seemed a bit much.

#29 Posted by Thundermunch (33 posts) -

I'm really enjoying the server duder, the most fun I have had with Rust since I bought it. Really need to find the GB Settlement though so that I stop getting killed in my sleep! When I'm on I'm usually called TowMyLand so will have to try and meet up!

#30 Posted by defector (42 posts) -

@thundermunch: Sing out in chat when you log on, and someone can help guide you into our settlement. Make sure to say you're from Giant Bomb. We can be a bit paranoid. :)

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@vertebrae how do i find it there isnt a search button

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The new wall cut off my house from the community. If I knew a wall was going up, I would have put my house closer. I was trying to avoid building right on top of other people. I have the password, but I'm the only house that isn't in the compound. Ah well. /cry

Also, it seems zombies may be replaced with just AI people? Looking at the trello, "Remove Zombies" is complete and a new card for "AI react to danger" was added. Should be interesting.

#33 Posted by ThatOneDudeNick (992 posts) -

@christopherson329: The server? Just hit F1 to open console and type "net.connect" without quotes.

#34 Posted by Thundermunch (33 posts) -

@defector: I found it when I logged on earlier but the server was empty, I'll try again later. After playing this game for a bit I think being a paranoid is a pro rather than a con!

#35 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

Not much players on right now, cmon in, dudes!

#36 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -
This is great

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^^^ Unicorn! ^^^

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Are there any rules regarding pvp?

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Anyway I mostly play on this server. It's located in Europe and has a population of about 75. I have a little group there consisting of 7 people. If you want to join us connect and ask for singular :)

The adress is

#40 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

@singular: pvp is on. There's not really any rules regarding it, an unspoken rule is don't go out and kill random new players.

#41 Edited by ThatOneDudeNick (992 posts) -

Here's an updated pic of our hood from this morning. Pardon the dark foreground and the tree. I should have taken it with the sun to my back. Ya know, it's just so big... it's hard to get far enough back to see everything. :)

#42 Posted by Jojojimmeny (63 posts) -

That's starting to look mighty impressive duders, nice work!

I've been thinking about checking out Rust since the guys showed it on UPF, and now that there seems to be a good number of GB members playing together I may just have to put down the money and jump in. If I end up buying it I'll definitely be hopping on to this server to join in the "naked man throwing rocks" mayhem... Oh, and I'll be sure to announce myself before I approach the compound if I do.. =P

#43 Posted by prettyunsmart (27 posts) -

Thanks for setting up the server. I've been playing the last couple of days under the name "smarticus" and everyone has been super helpful...except the bears. Is there room in the settlement for another? My shacks aren't holding up so well.

#44 Edited by Consaw (261 posts) -

I've also been playing on this server for a couple of hours and everyone seems to be pretty chill or at least not ready to shoot me on sight (shoutout to the guy who gave me pants, chicken and a gun). One of these days I'll make it to the settlement and check it out. I think I've got a shack in that area but I haven't quite seen it yet.

My name is [GB] Conan S. in game.

#45 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

We're have a nice population on, come join guys!

#46 Posted by totendeer (24 posts) -

I'm mucking around on the server as well. I have no idea where I am in relation to the GB compound, but I'm having a blast building a house in a vally filled with pigs and zombies. I go by totendeer in Rust as well as on GB.
Neat server!

#47 Edited by prettyunsmart (27 posts) -

So, if anyone was playing last night and saw an extended conversation between smarticus and Caboose, you probably have an idea that some pretty weird stuff happened. I felt the need to write up what happened.

My blog post about my tragic journey with Caboose

I know it seems self-indulgent to write this, but I just didn't want to forget what was one of my favorite gaming moments of recent memory.

Here's the text for people who don't want to click through:

I had only played Rust twice before last night. Both times a man with a balaclava and a large gun promptly shot me in the face and stole my meager supplies within minutes of spawning. A few days ago, I noticed a post on the Giant Bomb forums about a new server a reader had started focused around collaboration (and not killing each other on sight). When I logged in, I was glad to find out that this really was the case. Within a few minutes of signing on, an established player had offered to give me some supplies and pointed me in the direction of a larger settlement of players. Another led me around to spots where good items frequently spawned, and yet another helped me build a house.

It is with this last player (who I’ll refer to by an abbreviated version of his in-game name, Caboose) that my real story begins. After helping me build my house, Caboose asked if I could help him get to the large Giant Bomb settlement. I agreed, figuring that I owed him for helping me to build my house, and it sounded like it would make for a good story. I followed Caboose across the road, into a large valley where we gathered supplies before heading out. Caboose lead me up the side of a mountain, I assumed in the direction of the settlement. The sunset over the mountain was gorgeous, and it really did feel like we were on a post-apocalyptic adventure, trying desperately to find the last human settlement in an otherwise desolate landscape.

We walked across another valley and Caboose started climbing the mountain on the other side. At this point, I started to wonder if he knew where he was going. I later learned that while I thought he was sure where he was going, he was under the impression that I knew where I was going. It was on this second mountain that our journey took a tragic turn. I missed a jump across a crevasse and fell down inside. Caboose, in his attempt to help me get out fell in as well.

When we told other players what had happened, I was surprised to see that a few of them immediately started searching for us. We fired off flares and gunshots to help them find us, but since we didn't have a clear idea of where we were, they all ended up searching in the wrong parts of the map. After a while, I just asked Caboose to shoot me. He reluctantly agreed, and a single shot from his shotgun brought up Rust’s signature “You Are Dead” screen.

At this point, I just want to say that my character’s life, from carving out a meager existence with the help of a few friendly survivors to dying tragically after crossing two mountain ranges and failing to help his companion reach his destination felt like a complete story in itself. Of course, I respawned, because, video games.

After gathering enough food to make the journey back across the mountains, I headed out. It was now night, which in Rust, makes navigation nearly impossible. I found my way back to the valley below the mountain where Caboose was still trapped when my torch ran out of fuel. With no other way to navigate, I asked Caboose to fire off the few rounds he had left to help me locate him. Faintly, I heard a few small pops off to my left, and I started walking. It took some time, but I was able to climb back to where I had fallen, and I soon saw the glow of Caboose’s torch.

We tried to make a makeshift staircase out of crates, but the uneven ground at the bottom of the pit made it impossible. Our only choice was for Caboose to toss as much of his gear as I could carry to me, and for me to put him out of his misery with single bullet (actually, it took two now that I think about it).

We met up back in town, and I gave Caboose his gear back. I’ll probably play Rust again soon, but I’m not sure any story that comes out of the game will soon match the tale of when Caboose and I tried and failed to cross the mountains to the Giant Bomb settlement.

#48 Posted by Wolfgame (998 posts) -

@prettyunsmart: stories like that is what makes games like Rust so compelling

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@prettyunsmart: I spent a long time reading the chat log for this last night and it was amazing. I would have helped, but I have no idea how get anywhere in this game.

#50 Posted by prettyunsmart (27 posts) -

I didn't either, clearly. I had told a few people to look at like 3 different mountains. I only figured out which one it actually was once I was able to use the road to orient myself after I respawned.