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It's out officially in the US and I'm waiting to see what people think before I buy it. I'm worried that it will be too similar to Disgaea. Any thoughts yet?

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I thought it was a rouge-like game similar to ZHP? It probably won't be all that similar to Disgaea but I'd like to hear some from the people playing it as well.

Mostly I wanna know if it reaches ZHP level of insanity.

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The game looks decent enough, but with the PS4 coming out and the multitude of other games I just know I'll never find time to play it.

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I'm just not sure I want more grid based comment right now.

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Yo man did you like zhp? Because it's zhp.

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@jz: I never played ZHP. I actually just learned about that game today haha

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@jz: I'm okay with that. I needed some different type of combat anyways.