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A few days ago, I posted about speedrunner Cosmo Wright, after months of practice, finally beating his personal best for Ocarina of Time, getting a new world record. Today, a mere 20 minutes ago, he managed to get a nearly flawless run to finish the game in an amazing 18:10, a whooping 19 seconds faster. Unless a new glitch is found, this time seems nearly impossible to beat.

Watch the run HERE.

Congrats, Cosmo. Holy shit, man, you did it.

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Congrats to Cosmo. While this is fantastic, I think he still has a bit he can chop off. Sub-18 here we come!

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Wow. I just watched him go through the run again and explain each part, and it just felt like such an achievement. Cosmo started crying at the end as he talked about his years with the game.

For the moment, any% is dead. I can't imagine someone surpassing that any time soon unless they find a big new glitch after all this time.

Cosmo has THE fastest Ocarina of Time run. Best run he has ever done.

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I am not super into watching speedruns but watch Cosmo on occasion and that was something to behold.

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Posting here so I can come back and watch this later.

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That must mean he managed the same thing as last time without flubbing the beginning portions. Awesome! I'll give it a watch when I get home.

I'll leave it to Cosmo to try to cut that down to a solid 18:00 by shaving off every little bit, but more than likely it will mean him taking a break. Hopefully to go back to Wind Waker HD, but more likely Castlevania 64.

Edit - watched. Yup the end. Almost perfect. Worth watching for literally anyone because that's probably the fastest the game will ever be beat in a single run.

God damn, it was so cute when Cosmo got emotional at the end. Completely understandable given how much time he's put into the game and also the run. I love Cosmo <3

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That was awesome. It doesn't seem like a record that anyone will beat any time soon unless there was a glitch found that lets people skip even more of the game.

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From this I have learned to always mute the speedrunner at all costs. Sticks are so OP

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Depends on what the runner does. I watch THPS speed runs a bit and George is a picture of concentration. It always weirds me out when the talk of a perfect game gets mentioned. The perfect game of Pacman was only discovered in 1999. The same year the human genome was cracked.