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In a time where current consoles are seeing so many "HD collections" being released, it saddens me that Sony has yet to release The Mark of Kri and Rise of the Kasai in the same manner. If anything, Mark of Kri and Rise of the Kasai are two fond games from my teenage years, much the same way as ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

Anyone feel the same way? Do we need to beg and plead for Sony to do these games some HD justice?

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Didn't you make this thread already? Also it's not sony's fault that you are the only person to like those games ever.

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These aren't exactly games everybody knows about. There's a chance I'd cover them, which should tell you the level of obscurity we're dealing with.

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Every time I've ever mentioned Mark of Kri to someone, they have NO IDEA what I'm talking about. Pretty sure the number of people who would be interested in that are in the thousands. Not enough to validate an HD version.

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Totally forgot about Mark of Kri. I fucking loved that game.

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I'm being somewhat redundant here, but why would Sony, or anyone else for that matter, put effort into an HD collection of games no one really gave a shit about the first time? The whole purpose is to bring back popular, beloved classics.

Those games were probably really fun, don't get me wrong, but that's like me asking a re-release of Folklore when PS4 comes out. As much as I love that game and joke about demanding a sequel, I am more than well aware no one really gives a shit about that game. Not even the people who made it.

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Didn't you make this thread already? Also it's not sony's fault that you are the only person to like those games ever.
They were really well received games, actually.
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Folklore was pretty but fuck if I played more than a hour of that game

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I actually loved the first game. Cool art style and great combat. It was awesome the way the concept art played in the loading screens then formed seamlessly into the game.

I think sony not putting that dude in playstation all-stars kinda shows where that character is on their priority list.

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I've literally never heard of this game, and I spend way too much time looking at this industry and playing its games. Sounds like a waste of an investment, to be honest.

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I feel like these games were more known because of their violence rather than actually being good.

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Seriously? These games weren't well known? That is news to me overall. I remember these two games very fondly, and if I remember correctly, they were well-reviewed and had a decent commercial success. Mark of Kri must've done well if they made a sequel to it.

Nonetheless, I'm not saddened more by the fact that there are people who either don't know about these games or think they were bad.

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I just got to thinking about this game today. Man, did I ever love the hell out of it, but hardly anyone remembers either game, especially not the sequel. It's a shame, too, as the radial, mutli-enemy combat they did was totally out there for the time and a lot of fun. Hell, until Rocksteady did that first Arkham game, I probably would have called Mark of Kri the best third person combat outside of a pure character action game, especially for fighting multiple dudes at once. I really need to track down a copy; I'm super interested in seeing how the game holds up.

Don't really care about an HD remake, but even a spot on PS2 Classics for PSN would be alright with me, since I don't have a backwards compatible PS3. I'd also be interested in some kind of reboot on PSN as a download only title. Keep the smallish scale, boost the art's fidelity, freshen up the combat mechanics (hopefully without changing them drastically), and put more enemies on screen.

I reckon It wouldn't cost that much relatively speaking, but I also reckon that no one would buy it, so it wouldn't get greenlit. Ever.


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I just discovered this game was not called the Mark of Kai.

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I know this is a necro thread, but I cant help but say that I hated this game. I did not get the fan hype around it at the time. I found it to be mechanically dull and the story was nothing special.

It really bored me.