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Titanfall: Information

GAMEPLAY: E3, Gamescom, VGX


Regular: 59.99

Collector's Edition: 249.99

Starting this thread since Neogaf Banned me for creating one with the same idea.

I'm just as excited as everyone else to play a new FPS that's more in line with old-school shooter's like Tribes and Unreal Tournament.

But outside of the gameplay reveal's from E3, Gamescom, Pax, and Titan classes revealed at VGX. We still haven't seen anything outside of 1 map, and 1 mode.

Vince let slip earlier this week about player count: 6v6

Among IGN posting an article about not knowing who is actually developing the Xbox 360 version of the game, or what it even looks like at this stage?

The same goes for actual footage of Xbox:One version as all gameplay has been PC with Xbox controller.

Why were at it, will the pc version support other digital distributing like steam rather than Origin, do we get graphical options or a straight port? Do we get a server browser for custom matches?

Mainly is all this fudd, or with rumors from Thruway from Neogaf any indication of issues with the drivers and for the game in general?

Thruway: Titanfall 720p Xbone Issues

So the real question is, with 2 months away till launch how much we don;t know, and why is no one asking these types of questions?

Hopefully this thread discussion may bring some insight.

UPDATE: Other game modes confirmed by Respawn. See pic in top center.

UPDATE: Preorder's being taken By multiple vender's for PC and Console.

UPDATE: IGN Post's second article on Drew McCoy's (from Respawn) answer's to questions on Neogaf, about how marketing has been tougher.

Vender's: Gamefly, Origin ,Gamestop, BestBuy

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Also that way dude is "banned" from neogaf.

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All I know is that it has guns, pseudo jet packs and giant robots. That's enough to sell me as of now. Of the announced games I know coming out this year It's probably one of my most anticipated, despite not knowing much more than I already mentioned. I can't wait to see more on it in the coming months.

Edit: Oh, wait. This is another one of those scorned (Neo Gaf) forum users taking his woes to ol' Giant Bomb. Well, welcome new duder. I hope you can find what you're looking for here in this community.

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Titan certainly fits this bill, not Titanfall though.

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Oh man that Pic of Drew is priceless. LoL

God bless Giant Bomb community.

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I have zero interest in the game as it seems like any other Infinity Ward shooter with some first person wall running and mechs.

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am I crazy in saying..... Titanfall reminds me Lost Planet? And that's just expectations also.

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I don't feel the hype. I don't get what the excitement is all about. Just because there are titans, it's supposed to be amazing? I feel like The Order:1886 is more exciting than this game even though we know less about it than TF.

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Who ever is mod, thank you very much for moving it to correct place, Didn't think about it when I hit create.

Thanks :)

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@themanwithnoplan: Well i have actually been a member of Giantbomb for quit some time now. Been following Jeff.G, Brad, Ryan(RIP), Rich Gallop, and Greg Kasavin since the old Gamespot days. Remember one of Brad's favorite reviews which was for Jack and Daxter.

Anyways According to Evil Lore himself they considered my thread a megathread, and that's against policy. Since mine was a discussion and informational thread, also they said couldn't make one until Official Thread was made.

So instead of Private messaging me since it was my first ever thread, I just got out of being a Junior. They ban the thread and ban me for a Month. I already emailed couple of gaffer's and Admin to try and get the ban removed, i'll have to wait till I get a reply.

I am with you, I'm really excited for Titnfall but I want and need more information before I plop down 50-65 dollars on the pc version. I'm going to be putting tons of hours into this game, but if it plays and looks like ass, and has bar-minimum maps, I'm out.

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@cheetoman: Kinda with you on this one...watched all the demos, read all about it and nothing about the game is grabbing me in the slightest. Then again, I've never been much of a multiplayer shooter guy, so it might just be genre ennui on my part.

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Titanfall brings out the crazies.

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The hell is this topic. No really? We know nothing about it? Seriously?

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@kishinfoulux: Look around, seriously, without Vince's random twitter repsonse, outside of press and people who played at conventions we know next to nothing. We know there's Titan classes from VGX.

We know the platforms their on, and recently from Twitter as of yesterday, that standard TDM, CTF are in there.

We know nothing about Xbox 360 version, Xbox:One, we've seen and played pc, but don't know what graphics options there are. We don't know if we can scale down from 6v6 and do 2v2, 3v3.

We have no clue on maps, Upgrade system, weapons other than what's been shown.

There's a lot of unanswered questions and no clarity on the parts we know about.

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There's still a full two months until the game is released, and while I certainly don't have any inside info about the Titanfall marketing campaign, rest assured that at some point it will ramp up. In time, we'll see a lot more of the game and have most of your questions answered prior to release.

...and maybe it's just me, but I'm not a fan of these knee-jerk "conspiracy theory" reactions where the immediate assumption about unanswered questions is that the answer is bad news. Not every company needs to deliver a constant onslaught of info and trailers like Ubisoft.

EDIT: Also, just out of curiosity, I picked a random IW Call of Duty game (Modern Warfare 2), and took a look at the news and videos for it. That game was released in November, had a multiplayer teaser trailer released about four months prior but no major details until a bit under two months prior to launch. No need to panic...

#18 Posted by Papacheeks (58 posts) -

Agreed, but the biggest question was the one asked by IGN this week. Why havn't we seen what the xbox 360 version looks like, how come we don't know who's developing it? 2 month's is not a lot of time to have the rest of all that unanswered info come out, and get to the masses. People like us are not the masses the casual person who walks into Gamestop or Best Buy those are the people who need this info more than anybody. It takes a while for official news, information and Promotional Material to reach retail chains.

It's not a conspiracy theory, just saying there are rumors from semi legit sources saying, respawn is having technical difficulties with drivers. That could mean nothing, could mean a 40mb day one patch and all is well. But seeing as we haven't seen the official console version of the game, that's the biggest thing to worry about.

#19 Posted by Jeff (3679 posts) -

Respawn's building on an engine that many of them didn't have much experience with, they're building for a console that probably needs some back-end help on the tools side, and they're trying to build something new. Can't blame 'em for staying sort of quiet at the moment. They're probably in big-time crunch mode.

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I see it from that perspective but,

"Looking at the birth of the project it's a surprise to find that, of all the engines it could pick, Valve's Source engine comes up top of its list - though there are many reasons why this makes sense. Firstly, it has allowed a relatively small team to get production of the game up and running quickly, having begun the project in earnest under three years ago. Advantages of using the engine also include strong support for networked play, low latency controls owing to a streamlined rendering pipeline, compatibility with multi-core setups, and excellent optimisation for x86 platforms.

Curiously, the biggest deciding factor in going with Valve's tech now has little bearing on its development. "



Digital Foundry: The Source Engine... why?

Drew McCoy: We evaluated tons of engines - all the well-known ones, and the not so well-known ones.

Digital Foundry: Of course, with Call of Duty, you guys have the track record in taking an existing technology and making something new from it...

Drew McCoy: Yeah, we chose it because a lot of our designers wanted to prototype gameplay from day one and we had effectively 10 years of gameplay toys that were already in the engine from all the Valve games that we could use, like, "oh they did that in Team Fortress, let's pull that in and see how that works" and if it's good, then we'll go and make our own that's better suited for what we want to do.

Digital Foundry: So are you still using the original Valve tools for things like level design?

Drew McCoy: At this point I hate to say that it's the Source Engine.

Digital Foundry: In the same way that saying Call of Duty uses the Quake 3 engine?

Drew McCoy: Yeah, I mean we've replaced... it's a whole new renderer, all-new audio code, all-new net code, all-new input code for gamepad. There's some stuff that we've just improved but we've done massive changes. We have our own level editor, we have our own lighting, the way that maps are compiled...

Titanfall Source Engine Interview

Sounds like they didn't have to much trouble using it, actually they said it made development rather easy so they could get a build early enough to wow us at E3.

Just my 2 cent's don't take my word on it.

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@papacheeks: That's just conjecture from Eurogamer. Their opinions are certainly educated on the subject and make some sense, but it doesn't necessarily have any bearing on the realities of developing the game.

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More time spent developing a game instead of making "vertical slices" for me and video game journalists to see big long demos of is cool with me.

We already get too much coverage of a lot of these big games. I'm kind of past that. I'm ready to learn more when I actually have the game in my hands these days and I'm not into preview coverage like I used to be. When 6 pages of crazy glowing previews on IGN made me follow Age of Conan for about 5 years super seriously but then I hated the actual game immediately when it came out and completely stopped playing.

#23 Posted by AlexGBRO (329 posts) -

i think that microsoft is delaying the xbox 360 version so it can sell more xbox ones when that game come

#24 Posted by SharkEthic (1071 posts) -

@kishinfoulux: Look around, seriously, without Vince's random twitter repsonse, outside of press and people who played at conventions we know next to nothing. We know there's Titan classes from VGX.

We know the platforms their on, and recently from Twitter as of yesterday, that standard TDM, CTF are in there.

We know nothing about Xbox 360 version, Xbox:One, we've seen and played pc, but don't know what graphics options there are. We don't know if we can scale down from 6v6 and do 2v2, 3v3.

We have no clue on maps, Upgrade system, weapons other than what's been shown.

There's a lot of unanswered questions and no clarity on the parts we know about.

When have we known half of what you mention for any other game prior to release? Why would we even want to? I might not follow these things as intensely as you, as I like to go into games and not know every little detail beforehand, but I think I already know more than enough about Titanfall to be excited.

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Halo 4? 343 were taking the reigns on a huge franchise and changing tons of shit, from the Aesthetic, to the intimate story line with Master Chief and Cortana. They changed how the multiplayer worked, and how you got power weapons, they changed the sound design of the game.

And they had a proper release schedule of information for a highly anticipated game, starting from March 5, 2012 the first trailer, E3, single player info, all the way up to weapons in September.

Now I'm not saying a game needs that much exposure, but they correctly spread out their information and made them small chunks as to not over-load press and potential buyers.

Release date was Nov.4th I believe.

The game sold really well, and was well received, everyone was happy.

Titanfall though has shown initially what the game is about through one gameplay playthrough at different conventions. But has not shown actual proper versions of the games that will sell the most. We've not seen the Xbox:One version, nor the xbox 360.

That's the biggest issue, that no one is talking about.

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I can't say I really understand people who equate this game to CoD. Okay, it has guns, is fast paced, and is first person. Got anything else? Are things like traversal and giant robots not huge mechanical differences?

Also, for what it's worth, it's hard to answer that question because @papacheeks isn't totally off base. They haven't explained very much about the game at all.

#27 Posted by SharkEthic (1071 posts) -

@papacheeks: Optimization comes very (sometimes worryingly) late in the development process, so they might not have anything presentable running on consoles yet. And as @jeff points out, with 3 months left, they're probably working their fucking asses off getting the game up to snuff on the consoles. Which, by the way, is what they should be doing, rather than making trailers, vertical slices and other useless shit, that only takes up time and won't mean dick to anybody the minute after the game's released.

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UPDATE: Forgot to mention this was Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare

Oh btw call of duty was an already established franchise. And other itierations had TDM, CTF,Domination.

Just saying, and was made by the same team for multiple years. So some thing's were expected.

But here is their actual release schedule for promotional, and informational material, leading up to release of the game.

First Reveal Trailer April 28, 2007

Official news of Call of duty 4 and setting. Dated May 29,2007

E3 Coverage: Either June or July can't confirm. Article is From July 12,2007

Multiplayer Coverage from IGN after video went up in August 8,2007

Beta Videos date of Upload August 30,2007

More stuff like for Multiplayer like perks trickled out before release as well in September and October leading up to November release.

So no they had a great strategic release schedule to get info out on both the Single Player and Multiplayer.

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They have 2, not three months till release. Release is March, 11 almost exactly from tomorrow 2 months.

Well you need to show the game at least running on the actual hardware. They haven't since reveal. No one does that dude, no one that doesn't have a delay possibly on the way.

#30 Posted by JesterArbo (80 posts) -

I thought it wqs revealed to be Bluepoint Games developing the 360 version?

#31 Posted by Village_Guy (2694 posts) -

I haven't that many people that seem super excited for it. It sounds like the people who anticipate it the most from what I've heard are people who have played it...?

#32 Posted by AMyggen (3888 posts) -

There's three months to go until release. Sure, you could read a lot of stuff into them not having released a lot of info about the game, or you could wait a bit more. These kinds of conspiracy-ish threads a couple of months before release seem kinda pointless. You've got a better case if it stays the same for a month or more, and even then I'll personally wait until release to actually judge the game. Rest assured that EA will market the fuck out of this game when we're closer to release.

#33 Posted by Sammo21 (3709 posts) -

I personally don't care much about it. Honestly, its not even on my "hype radar" for the year. I will probably play it on PC at some point but largely its a non-issue for me. I have plenty of mech games on PC that its not a "zomg mechs!" experience that some people are hyping it to be. I am sure it will be a good game but Destiny, The Division (no longer this year), Thief 4, and other unannounced titles are more interesting to me.

#34 Posted by Hayt (346 posts) -

Are preorders even up yet? I dont check origin but no sight of it on steam

#35 Posted by Papacheeks (58 posts) -

@amyggen: 2 months from tomorrow man not 3.

It's not pointless, the fact we haven't actually seen the game running on actual console hardware. With 2 months till release Yikes!

#36 Posted by Sammo21 (3709 posts) -

@hayt: I wouldn't expect to see the game on Steam. EA has been doing Origin only for a lot of their PC games.

#37 Posted by Papacheeks (58 posts) -

@hayt: Yes, I just updated the OP.

Should have had it in there , sorry.

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@papacheeks: I forgot to edit that part, edited "three" to "a couple" another place in the post, but forgot that. Still, my point still stand with two months. I don't see how it's an automatic "yikes" just because we haven't seen it run on a console yet. As I said, I'll worry about that if the game runs like shit when released (I won't own either the PS4 or the Xbone for at least a year, so I'll play it on the PC). As it stands, we haven't seen it run on a Xbone. That might mean that they've got problems, or it might not. Either way, pure pointless speculation at this point.

#39 Posted by TheMasterDS (2196 posts) -

I think the most anticipated game we no next to nothing about is No Man's Sky. I feel like I know a lot about Titanfall since we've seen E3 demos, people have played demos, and there have been multiple trailers exploring equipment options. Mind you, I'm more excited for Titanfall than No Man's Sky because Titanfall is sooner but I definitely feel like I know what it is.

An argument might also be made for Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS. All we know about that game is a handful of characters that'll be in it. We have no ideas about how it plays or what they're doing to change up the formula.

#40 Posted by spraynardtatum (3997 posts) -

I just want to hear about the microtransactions. I really hope there aren't michael transactions

#41 Posted by Papacheeks (58 posts) -

@spraynardtatum: Respawn responded to that very question, rest assured there will be no Micro-transactions. DLC later down the road on the other hand is a different story altogether.

#42 Edited by Papacheeks (58 posts) -

@themasterds: Please show me the trailers about equipment, other than the one's stated about Titan classes in the OP?

Please show me different footage of different modes on a different map, from footage that's from E3,GAMESCOM,PAX Prime?

Footage is all the same cut differently, some with interviews mixed in. All from a PC running Close to XBox:One specs with a controller.

#43 Posted by Capum15 (5025 posts) -

Also that way dude is "banned" from neogaf.

I have never seen this one before. Thank you.

#44 Posted by spraynardtatum (3997 posts) -

@spraynardtatum: Respawn responded to that very question, rest assured there will be no Micro-transactions. DLC later down the road on the other hand is a different story altogether.

YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY. this game just became cool again!

#45 Posted by Papacheeks (58 posts) -

@amyggen: Didn't say automatic, "Yikes" territory, just said we know nothing outside of the trade shows, and Class trailer at VGX.

#46 Posted by Papacheeks (58 posts) -

@bigjeffrey: Yet he still get's on Neogaf somehow in some way or fashion. He's tight with Famousmortimer, SHinobi, Bish and the likes. According to twitter.

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Also that way dude is "banned" from neogaf.

Giant Bomb should have a 'beef cake' calendar. Everyone gets two months, all the proceeds go to...err...pizza party?

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I think they've made it pretty clear what they are doing and why I might want to play it. More would probably be too much. Personally, I've enjoyed mech combat games since the classic Mechwarrior games. To that end, I'm really psyched to play this one that seems to be combine elements of MOBA play with the asymmetric player scale and what looks like may turn out to be a novel approach to match persistence.

#49 Posted by Nasar7 (2867 posts) -

I agree, I think it's odd that for a game that is multiplayer only there is no beta to test network load, and that for a game that both Microsoft and EA are banking so heavily on there isn't any more advertising apart for that 1 gameplay trailer from E3. They are either supremely confident or are overestimating it's appeal.

#50 Edited by Papacheeks (58 posts) -


But that's my point they haven't, for a game that's going to be like a MOBA, and be part of MLG, and go old school, meaning skill based. The hardcore players, and future casuals that might want something other than COD,Halo and BF, need to know more, mainly on which system to get it on. What if the game looks and plays like ass on XB360, or has huge issues like BF4 on XBONE.

None of what you say will matter at that point, and could have all been avoided if there was more information on what your getting for 65 dollars.