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Which speaker did you use to relay the Transistor's voice? I started off with the TV's but changed it to the controller's a few minutes in. It felt oddly intimate, though my roommate said it kept weirding him out.

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I thought that was a pretty cool feature of the wiimote, so if I had a ps4/transistor (which I don't), I'd probably try the controller speaker first.

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The DualShock 4 speaker is poopy and I haven't yet seen/heard of a game using it well, Transistor included.

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Niether. I turned it off about an hour into the game after I realized the damn sword never shuts up and never has nothing interesting to say.

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While I didn't get around to Transistor yet, I find it insane that this option isn't on a system level. I literally always play with my wireless 7.1 headphones on, and everytime a game uses this feature it's a huge hassle to me. Really shows how Supergiant game cares about minutia. Getting the minutia right is what takes a game from being good or great to being brilliant. Too few developers seem to have the penchant for it, or they simply lack the time.

Hope Sony'll get around to allowing us to disable the gamepad speakers and have that content mixed into the regular audio through the headphones/headset.

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I've never used it in other games but it works well in Transistor. Seems "appropriate" somehow. Red is holding the transistor in the game, and it speaks to her. Everything she does happens through the transistor. You meanwhile are holding the controller, and duh, everything you do happens through the controller - I guess I feel more like Red this way?

So.. Yeah.. I use it.

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As soon as I realized I could do it I turned it on and never wanted to change it. It's a complete gimmick, but it suits the game perfectly. Also I think the quality is perfectly fine. It matches the sound of the transistor almost perfectly.

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The PS4 controller speaker isn't brilliant, but I used it and just lowered the volume down on it to about 75%. If you have it at 100% you get a bit of pop and crackling.

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I use headphones so...I basically loathe any game that doesn't allow you to pipe the controller audio to your headset.

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I left it on the TV speakers. I don't mind the controller speaker, but I feel like it defaulting to the TV speakers was Super Giant's way of saying, "Hey, we put this other option in, but you should stick with this one."

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It is gimmicky but I like using the controller speaker just because the option exists. The quality isn't great but it's not Wii remote bad so I don't mind it.

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Controller all the way through. Wouldn't change it for nothin.

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I was curious about the controller speaker, and then I ended up playing the entire game with it on. I think it worked out very well.

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For me it added to the immersion quite a bit. Really enjoyed it.

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I turned on the controller speaker just to check it out and planned to switch back to the TV speakers once the gimmick wore off. I still haven't switched back and don't intend to.

I did dim the controller light, so the pulsing when he speaks isn't as noticeable.