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#1 Posted by mfpantst (2574 posts) -

Could someone explain how the difficulty levels work in this game? I'm playing the world tour in the seventh season with all the assists off basically maxing out my difficulty bonus except using an auto tranny and non simulation steering (not using a wheel) and in destroying everyone. Is the game harder in the final seasons or the event list mode?

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If you go to quick race and choose regular racing you will then see at the bottom of the assists the difficulty of your opponents. I think the world tour has a dynamic difficulty level (Because it says only "world tour" there), which i would assume reflects on what class you're racing in and who's driving.

#3 Posted by wrathofconn (1453 posts) -

Yes, the world tour does have some sort of dynamic difficulty, so theoretically it should get more challenging if you continue to dominate. I wouldn't expect a huge challenge though, from what I've heard from other players.

#4 Posted by AlexanderHC (54 posts) -

Then try using simulation steering, manuel transmission with manuel clutch. So much more fun. You might not get a challenge from your opponents, but you will get a challenge from your car ;) Btw I'm using an controller too, and it's so much fun to handle the car with everything off! Give yourself the challenge and try.

#5 Posted by xMP44x (2193 posts) -

So far I've found this game tremendously easy as well. The dynamic difficulty system has really made the Career mode incredibly simple to blast through. I wish they made it a bit harder, or gave us a basic difficulty increase option.

#6 Posted by Falconer (1709 posts) -

The AI in general makes the last two seasons stupid hard. It's not so much that the AI gets harder, it's just straight up bad. I made a long ass post about this in the Race Night thread. It's just something you have to deal with and learn how to cheese the AI.

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