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Forms and Transformations

First Form

Frieza's first three forms

In Frieza's weakest form he is relatively short with a large chestnut-shaped skull with two black horns. He appears to be wearing the same type of upper body armor that many of his subordinates (including the Saiyans)

Second Form

In his second form he looks similar to his first form but has grown in both height and muscle mass. The horns protruding from the sides of his head begin to point up instead of the sideways protrusion present in his first form.

Third Form

Frieza's third form is easily recognizable because of the extremely elongated skull. In this form his horns have receded and are now white in color. Frieza is also now walking in a slight hunch as if the weight of his skull is becoming too much for him to bear.

Final Form

Final Form

This is Frieza's final, true form. Instead of growing larger like previous transformations he instead grows smaller becoming shorter and less bulky. His previous form shatters, causing his horns and spikes to dissapear. His skin is now pure white with purple sections on his head, shoulders, forearms, chest, and shins.

100% Power

100% Power

Frieza can attain even more power by pushing his power to a full 100%. In this form his outward appearence is very similar to his Final form but his muscle mass has increased dramatically. However this form is causes so much strain on his body that he is unable to fight at maximum strength for long.

Mecha Frieza

Mecha Frieza

After his defeat on Planet Namek Frieza's body is physically ruined. The remains of the still-living Frieza was salvaged by his father King Cold and was rebuilt with cybernetic enhancements. The entire lower half and right side of his face are replaced including his left arm from the elbow down. These cybernetic enhancements allow Frieza to exceed the limits of power imposed by his fully organic form. After Trunks arrives from the future he meets Mecha Frieza and quickly kills him.

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