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Frogger is hanging out with his friend Lumpy when he spots a moon fruit in a tree. He goes to pick it up. When he comes back he notices Lumpy walking away and he is wearing a metallic helmet on his head. Frogger follows Lumpy to the beach. He startles Lumpy which causes him to jump and break the helmet. Frogger then finds that a crocodile named Dr. Wani is behind the mid control helmets like the one Lumpy was wearing.



Gameplay is almost the same as Frogger with some platforming elements. Players must cross the road and not get hit by cars. In the DS version, action move from top down, while the PSP version requires people to rotate the PSP handheld.



Helmet Chaos has a 71% rating on the review aggregator Game Rankings. IGN hailed the game as a "solid portable title." Frank Provo of GameSpot said that players looking for a 3D platformer with Frogger mechanics would be pleased with the game.

Game Revolution named Helmet Chaos as #50 on their 50 worst video game names of all time list    

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