Anybody playing this on Linux?

#1 Posted by jeffrud (424 posts) -

I've installed Ubuntu as my main OS on my gaming desktop as there's enough titles already compatible to keep me happy (basically if it will run Super Meat Boy, it's alright with me). I know there is a Linux version of this game, per their Kickstarter. Anybody playing it on that platform? Having any major issues?

#2 Posted by Ben_H (3503 posts) -

Oh no, please don't tell me how to get it. I've spent far too much time playing it and I use my Linux install when I need to get computer-based work done. Installing it on there would bring all productivity to a standstill for me.

#3 Posted by thomasnash (608 posts) -

I've been playing it on ubuntu (32 bit, 11.10 I think) and I haven't had any major problems. I do occasionally get a weird issue where some of the icons in the game go all fuzzy, and occasionally when I quit out all of the header-bars, and all the text in any terminals that I had running, will be all scuzzed up as well - although that only seems to happen in fullscreen.

I would be a bit surprised if that was an issue with the game though, instead of my laptop being on death's door.

#4 Posted by ElCapitan (402 posts) -

I tried it on my netbook pre-patch and it couldn't scale to the right resolution. Seemed to run fine though.

#5 Posted by jeffrud (424 posts) -

I've since installed it, run it, run it some more, run it when I should have done homework, and subsequently wrote a review for it on here. It's great!

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