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Fyrus is the boss of the Goron Mine dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Fyrus was originally Darbus, chief of the Gorons who reside on Death Mountain. Upon coming into contact with the Fused Shadow that the spirirts of Hyrule had left in the care of the Gorons, Darbus underwent a hideous transformation. At the same time, the Death Mountain volcano began continuously errupting, and the mountain became infested with all manner of vile creatures. Darbus' councilors, the 4 Goron Elders (Gor Coron, Gor Amoto, Gor Ebizo and Gor Liggs) imprisoned the transformed Darbus inside the mine and sealed the entrance. Upon Link's arrival on Death Mountain, he is forced to prove his strength in a sumo match with Gor Coron. After he is bested, Gor Coron explains the situation to Link and asks for his help.

Fyrus is a towering behemoth, with a third-eye-like crystal on his forehead that serves as his weak spot. On Link's arrival to his lair, he is chained standing upright, but quickly becomes enraged and breaks free of his chains. Immediately prior to the boss fight, Fyrus ignites a swirling mass of flames around his body, and this happens again after he has been damaged.

As with many Zelda bosses, Fyrus is huge in comparison to Link and fills a large portion of the screen. The player's best tactic for avoiding damage is to keep Link's distance and circle-strafe around Fyrus. To damage Fyrus, Link must first shoot an arrow into the crystal on his forehead. This can be done throughout the fight but is easiest when Fyrus stops to charge up his strong attack, at which point the crystal glows brightly.
Once the crystal is hit, Fyrus staggers around, seemingly blinded. Link must then grab hold of one of the chains still connected to Fyrus' legs. Equipping the iron boots allows Link to trip Fyrus and send him prone to the floor. Link can then use his sword to strike away at the crystal. The whole process will then get repeated without any major changes; it should take only 3 full attack cycles to defeat Fyrus.

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