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The Daily Sun

The Daily Sun is used to announce and update its readers on the status of its local paperboy.

Tecmo Baseball Times

The Tecmo Baseball Times follows the 1989 tecmo season. Game stats included in the newspaper are a run summary for each inning, total at bats, Hits, Double, Triples, Home Runs, Strike Outs, Base on Balls, Stolen Bases, Errors.

Tengen Sports News

The Tengen Sports News is very similar to the Tecmo Baseball Times as it covers baseball games. Game stats included in the newspaper are the run summary per inning, At bats, Hits, Doubles, Triples, Strike Outs, Base on Balls, Stolen Bases, Errors.

The Nintendo Times

The Nintendo times covers NASA and general space news such as when satellites are repaired. They also have access to the president for various sound bites as shown in the Space Shuttle Project

Daily News

The Daily News kept everyone informed on the Raid on Bungeling Bay

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