Secret lancer smackage

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So, I've asked around no one will me how to smack someone with the lancer.   I was under the impression you couldn't smack anything with the lancer. Five minutes ago I saw someone do it repeatedly and he would not answer my pleas.
Someone freakin' tell me. 

#2 Posted by Burns09 (340 posts) -

You mean over the head when you are downed?

#3 Posted by Prime20 (168 posts) -

When someone's down hit b, instead of revving your saw you'll just bonk them on the head.

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I am talking about while you are standing there.  I guess this could have been a glitch.  The odd thing is that the dude killed a wretch and then smacked another guy.  Maybe I was lagging and didn't see him switch guns.

#5 Posted by Prime20 (168 posts) -

Maybe he was wielding a hammerburst, cause you can get smack happy  with one of those, all you can do with the Lancer is rev the saw or bonk someone like i said earlier.

That said, was it someone you were playing horde with? Or was it an NPC or a bot? Cause sometimes the bots can and will glitch out and do something that you cant pull off.

#6 Posted by keagan (15 posts) -

Look, I've played 21 hours of horde mode alone.. I say this to note that I know what I'm referencing.
This dude was smacking people with a golden lancer.  Standing there and smacking people.  No revving, just that swift elbow move. There is no way it was a hammer burst because he had a sniper rifle on his back.  It was odd.. I can only chalk it up to a glitch.

#7 Posted by Monoxide (93 posts) -

You sure it wasn't a golden "Hammerburst"?

Also, maybe I'm not understanding this, but what does having a "Longshot" rifle on his back have to do with anything?

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