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Suikoden: In addition to species and weight class divisions, some items, such as earrings and hair ornaments, can only be equipped by women.


Dragon's Dogma: There are a handful of female only items including Beserkin, Flame Skirt, Frame Plate, Lady's Corset, Nobelwoman's Corset, Maiden's Camisole, Maiden's Petticoat, Sultry Pero, Summery Cowl, Summery Pero, & White Stockings.

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin: Many low level armors and generic accessories can be shared between Jonathan and Charlotte, but heavy armor and dresses are restricted to only a single character.

Demon's Souls: Several pieces of armor and armor sets are gender specific. Male only armor sets include: Ancient King's, Venerable Sage's, Saint's Robes, Dark Silver and Shaman's Armor Set. Female only armor sets include: Dull Gold, Binded, Ragged and Rogue's.


Phantasy Star Online: The penultimate hunter weapon in PSO1, the Stag Cutlery, can only be equipped by male characters.

Dynasty Warriors 7: This was the first Dynasty Warriors game that allowed warriors to equip almost every weapon type, with two restrictions: female warriors can not equip 2-handed greatswords, and male warriors can not equip whips. This restriction was lifted in DW8.

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