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Genetos is a unique freeware shoot-em-up game that plays with the development of the shoot-em-up genre (up to its release, obviously) by evolving over the course of the game. It's fairly short, and is notable for it's high quality graphics and music.


Genetos was released for windows as freeware on Tatsuya Koyama's website in 2009. it is available here in "English".


Genetos' gameplay starts out simple and develops to become quite complex. The game is divided into “Generations” each themed after a particular milestone ins the shoot-em-up genre. For example, the first level is themed after Space Invaders and the last strongly resembles Rez, in appearance if not in gameplay. The player's goal is to collect 1000 points worth of green collectables in order to evolve her ship to the next level. When the player collects 800 points, a “mutant” (Boss) appears. The player then collects the remaining 200 points to evolve their ship, defeat the boss, and proceed to the next generation. The ship can end up with several different functions depending on the actions of the player. For example, grazing shots often will give the player a slow-mo ability.

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