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While the world struggled to recover from the war of the first game, the multinational corporation CONEX appeared to rebuild the world's infrastructure. However, their true plan was global conquest, and now the only man who can stop CONEX is the same pilot who saved the world the first time around.


The player takes control of the mechanical suit called the Tracer. It attacks almost entirely with its sword, but also has an onboard flying weapon called the Betty. The Betty can fly in multiple directions and block bullets as well.

Most stages in Genocide 2 are linear, but some also require the player to search the area for targets to destroy. At the end of most stages is a boss fight.

Version Differences

The SFC version of G2 skips the 68000 version's prologue level, flips the order of stages 1-1 and 1-2, and removes several minor enemy types. It also added a cooldown to the Betty.

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