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Long ago the kingdoms of Gheldia were formed to protect the world of Aldunia from the evil Theon. The alliance was successful and Theon was defeated, sealing away his Beast Lords deep within Aldunia. The remaining dark forces scattered and hid and the people of Aldunia believed peace was here to stay.

This was until the Black Awakening, which disturbed the slumber of the Beast Lords and drove them back to the surface. With newly developed powers the Beast Lords were seeking revenge on the kingdoms of Gheldia. The kingdom was caught off guard by the more powerful forces and the factions began to retreat saving only their own citizens, thus breaking the alliance that formed the kingdoms of Gheldia.

Through this chaos a new breed of mercenary was born, the Slayers. These Slayers were able to use the Beast Lords own powers against them. The Slayers welcomed all who would fight against the Beast Lords into their ranks, they may just be the last hope for Aldunia.

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