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Ghor is a cyborg bounty hunter that was charged with aiding in the investigation of several Aurora Units that had come under the influence of a strange virus, later found to be Phazon corruption. Ghor is a veteran of many wars, and during the war of Wotan VII, his body was heavily damaged. As a result, he was rebuilt with state-of-the-art cyborg enhancements, leaving only 6% of his original body intact. He retains his old demeanor, however, and is known for his empathy and compassion. He is a kind and dutiful bounty hunter, aiding the weak and needy by offering his hunting services for free or aiding the victims of his targets. Ghor has the ability to interface with most mechanical objects, and as a result he is often hired for jobs that require computer manipulation and infiltration. Ghor also has a giant suit of mech armor that transforms from a heavily armed battlesuit and into a gunship for space flight. Curiously, when he is linked with his battlesuit, Ghor's disposition changes from calm and witty to crazed and violent. Without his battlesuit, Ghor is very frail, and he will never stay and fight without it.

Ghor, along with fellow Hunters Samus, Rundas and Gandrayda, is brought to the GFS Olympus for briefing on his mission to investigate the Phazon corruption of several Aurora Units in the system. Shortly after, the Olympus is attacked by Space Pirates. After clearing the ships decks of Space Pirate invaders, Ghor and the other Hunters drop down to the surface of Norion in order to reactivate the planets defense cannon. After aiding Samus to reach the cannons generator by diverting the Space Pirates to himself, Ghor meets up with the other Hunters who had gathered in the control room after successfully powering up the generators. There, they are attacked by Dark Samus, who fires a concentrated blast of Phazon at them, causing them to fall unconscious.

Battling Ghor in his Battlesuit
Ghor awakens two weeks later to find his body is reproducing Phazon naturally, and is fitted with a PED (Phazon Enhancement Device) to help him regulate and channel the Phazons power. He is sent to Elysia to investigate the Leviathan on the planet, as well as cure the Aurora Unit 217 that has been corrupted. Ghor is unable to control the power coursing through his body, however, and becomes corrupted by Phazon shortly after he arrives at Elysia. Samus arrives at Elysia two weeks later to investigate his disappearance and to complete his mission. When she arrives at SkyTown, she finds the Elysians are hostile to her presence. She shes Ghor's schematics on many of the monitors, and eventually finds his battle mech being repaired by worker drones. It is assumed that Dark Samus, using the corrupted Ghor's ability to interface with machinery, took over most of SkyTown's systems, including the robotic Elysians. Samus succeeds in reaching and curing the corrupted Aurora Unit 217, but Ghor sabotages vital circuitry that links the Unit to the rest of SkyTown. Samus then receives a warning from her gunship that something large is attacking it. She returns to the docking bay to find Ghor in his battle mech, who attacks Samus immediately.

Ghor, suited up
Ghor puts up a giant shield on the front of his mech and starts to ram at Samus, or flies into the air and lands heavily on the ground, creating a shockwave. While Ghor is charging, Samus can fire an ice missile at the fuel gel on the ground, causing Ghor to slip and leave his back exposed, allowing Samus to fire and destroy the shields generator. Once it is damaged, the shield will drop, allowing Samus to fire at his face, his weakpoint. At this time, Ghor will start firing missiles and a plasma beam at Samus until the shield is regenerated. Continuing to attack Ghor in this manner will lead to the shield generator being destroyed, and a small antenna will protrude from underneath Ghor's mech. By rolling into morph ball mode and placing bombs under Ghor, Samus eventually destroys his frontal armor, leaving his face vulnerable to attack. When his health is critical, Ghor will enter Hypermode, becoming faster and stronger. Eventually, Ghor's mech will be destroyed, his body floating into the air as he screams, devoured by the shadowy apparition of Dark Samus, and leaves behind the Plasma Beam.

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