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Elysia is one of the planets that Samus Aran visits in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Covered in a perpetual cloud of gases, the planets is seemingly uninhabitable. The Chozo built the research station known as SkyTown on Elysia to study its curious makeup, as well as creating the Elysians, a robotic race that would eventually live on and maintain SkyTown long after the Chozo had left, continuing their research. After 200 years, the Elysians began to run low on fuels and materials, so they entered a state of hibernation. The Galactic Federation eventually discovered Elysia, making peace with the Elysians and giving them fuel and materials they needed in exchange for details of their research on the planet, sending Aurora Unit 217 to aid the Elysians in their research. After the Leviathan hit Elysia, Aurora Unit 217 became corrupted and its link was severed from the Galactic Federation Network. Through Aurora Unit 217's corruption, the Elysians themselves were also corrupted, falling under the control of Dark Samus.

The only inhabitants of Elysia are the robotic Elysians and their maintenance and service robots, all of which reside on SkyTown. Samus also encounters Space Pirates, who invaded and began to steal research data of the Elysians, and is the setting of her showdown with the Phazon-mad Hunter, Ghor, and the Leviathan that is corrupting the planets core.

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