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Planet Bryyo is one of the locations visited by Samus in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Much of Bryyo is uninhabitable, 48% being in perpetual night, 48% constantly exposed to the blaring sun. The parts of Bryyo that are habitable are made up of rocky and barren cliffs, volcanic regions, and thorn-filled jungle. Ancient ruins of the Bryyonian race, the Reptilicus, dot the landscape.

Bryyos history is documented in logbook files, detailing that in ancient times, the Reptilicus of Bryyo were a peaceful sentient race. In their first forray to the stars they met with the Chozo, who they traded technological knowledge with. This caused a schism on the planet, dividing the race between those who worshipped science and those that followed the old ways. While the Chozo implored the Reptilicus to strike a balance between the two factions, the plea went unheard, and eventually a great war started between the two factions, leaving 96% of the planet uninhabitable. Eventually, those who worshipped technology ran out of resources and were defeated by the primal Reptilicus. They fled to the wastelands, finding the few hospitable locations of Bryyo and using the last of their resources to accelerate the growth of the flora and fauna there so that in time the planet would be restored. Because of this, Bryyos landscape is remarkably resistant to Phazons corruptive influence. The primal Reptilicus were drawn to their decontamination sites, however, and the last of the technology of the Reptilicus was lost as the primal Reptilicus slew their brothers.

The Reptilicus remaining on Bryyo when Samus Aran lands on it to destroy the Leviathan that has crashed there are bestial and savage, attacking her at any opportunity. Other wildlife on the planet have evolved to absorb and live off fuel gel, a legacy left behind by the ancient Reptilicus. Samus also encounters the Phazon-man Hunter Rundas, and the Leviathan that is corrupting the planets surface.

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