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GloBall is a game developed by Robot Super Brain for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The object of the game is to navigate a ball through a maze, all the while using the ball to smash the blocks in its path.


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GloBall is played similar to Breakout or Arkanoid, but from a top-down perspective. The ball's movement is controlled by the player tilting the iPhone. The player must roll the ball through a maze full of colored bricks. To advance to the next level, the ball must break all of the bricks. There are helpful powerups along the way that let the ball break bricks in larger groups, or affect all adjacent bricks, or let the ball glide through bricks without bouncing off of them. Some special blocks can also change the ball's color, which can help destroy like-colored blocks and raise the score multiplier. Coins can also be collected for a higher score, and collecting enough coins will also grant an extra ball. Some hazards block the way, such as spiked balls, and worm-like creatures that can only be destroyed if the ball is a certain color.

Global Scoring

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GloBall scores the player at the end of each maze, using a combination of how much time was spent in the maze, how many coins were collected, and how many balls the player had left over when they finished. After the score is tallied, the player has the option to upload to the global leaderboard. On the leaderboard they'll be given a ranking by score. The leaderboard also uses the iPhone GPS to determine where the best GloBall players are located; for example, after determining your score and GPS position, the leaderboard might say that you are the best player within a 50 miles, or 100 miles, etc.

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