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Only the end

 After watching a trailer showcase a character GOW fans have been talking about before the release for GOW2, Kratos' Brother, I got hyped for the game.

The story for the most part follows the same formula like other GOW games, one god is stopping for from achieving your goal and you must kill him/her at the end. Thanatos, the God of death is the main one in this part of the series. I beat the game on the Normal Difficult in under 5 hours, which is a decent length, I wish it was a bit more longer but then they would have to drag out the story in order to make it fit. One thing I do not like about the game is the fact it feels the need to explain EVERYTHING that has happened to Kratos. So basically they show is mom and why she is not trying to calm him down, they show how he finds out his father. Which was kinda of confusing because in the second game he talks about it even though he did not know by the end of the first game. Also why he is so angry at everyone.

The other weapon you get to add to your blades, if you played the demo you will already know what it is, The arms of Sparta. Basically it is a shield and spear but you are able to move and attack when you are blocking which is something never done before. Aside from the two weapons you get the Eye of Atlantis, Scourge of Erinys and Horn of Boreas. You also get Thera's Bane, which is basically like Rage of Olympus and the titans but instead of coating your self with an amour or in fire, your blades are in fire. I did not realize that it was this till I got hit by the enemy and did not fall over. Thera's Bane uses a fire meter which is located under the magic bar and refills itself if you are not using it. The magic you get is good but there was no really need (that I felt) to use them a lot, the blades, arms of Sparta and Thera's Bane are more than enough to beat the enemy.

The Quick time events (QTE) are placed to the side of the screen just like GOW3, this game tries to invoke the same feeling as GOW3. Making the fights epic in scale, and a few moments when traveling make your heart beat trying to make the jump when the city around you is falling. The final fight was kinda of a twist in the way to approach it which I will not spoil, makes it kinda of fun in same way. Just like all the other games, you unlock new game plus where you can play with all your weapons and stats maxed out, also it is not hard to find the feather, eyes and horns to upgrade your health, magic and fire. By the end of my first run of the game, I had maxed out my health, magic, fire, and all but one of my magic items which was at level two. If you just stray a little from the path you will find all the hidden chests.

You also unlock two arenas, one of Ares and Athena, Athena's arena is locked till you go to the Temple of Zeus. Another thing this game does different is the fact that you do not need to play the game over again on a harder difficult in order to unlock new videos and so on. Instead you go the the Temple of Zeus where you trade your red orbs to unlock new things. The downside to this is that some of the unlocks range from 5000-250000, which is a lot of grinding to do to get them.

Overall, if you are a God of war fan you already got this but if you are thinking of spending 40$ for the game I would say that it is worth the money. At least rent the game to see the story because it is pretty epic for the most part.

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