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Goht has only appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It acts as the boss of the Snowhead Temple, and is the reason why the giant of the Northern Mountain cannot come to the aid of Termina. When you first see Goht, it is encased in ice. You must unfreeze it using fire arrows in order to begin the battle. While Goht is alive, the Northern Mountain cannot experience a proper spring season. The reward for defeating Goht is his remains, a heart container, and the restoration of Spring in North Mountain.



Goht's simplest attack: he runs around a track for the duration of the battle. Getting tangled in his feet is usually a quick way to a painful death, especially as human form Link

Charge Beam-

If you approach Goht from the front, he will shoot a beam of electricity at you. He can also shoot it at you when you trail him, but it is easier to avoid this way. Note that if you get too far behind it, Goht will turn around and wait for you to catch up, allowing it to shoot the beam. Some skillful maneuvering will allow you to avoid this attack most of the time.

Falling Rocks-

After about half of the battle has passed, Goht will start to hail rocks from the ceiling upon you. These are hard to avoid, and some will even stick into the ground, causing a roadblock. If you are battling Goht as Goron Link, any hit by a rock wlll stop you in your tracks. This makes rocks especially annoying.


As Goht's last stand, it will hurl bombs at you as it runs. These act much like rocks. They are more frustrating than anything, as they stop your momentum, and force you to recharge your spikes as Goron Link.


There are a few ways to beat Goht, all of which are viable.

Goron Link-

Probably the most popular method. Once Goht has run past you, begin to goron roll. Once you have built up enough momentum, you will sprout spikes and begin to catch up to Goht. With spikes, roll into Goht's legs multiple times. This inflicts damage on Goht. If Goht eventually trips on you, take the time to attempt to goron punch him. Repeat the process until he is defeated. There are many magical pots throughout the track, so you should never run out of magic.


If you prefer to get the job done as Link, stay under the entrance of the track (and out of Goht's path, consequently) and equip Fire Arrows. Whenever Goht passes by, shoot it with Fire Arrows. This method will take a lot longer than the Goron method, but it is arguably safer. If you run out of arrows, however, you may need to rethink your strategy.

Speed Run-

This method was discovered by speed runners, who relish in every minute wasted. As soon as possible, roll to the outer edge of the track (the spot on the left with the bars seems like a good spot). Equip your Hero's Bow and normal arrows. Goht will be staring straight at you, sending beams of electricity right at you. However, being close to the wall, the beams will likely hit the wall first, causing it to stop in its path. From this relatively safe spot, shoot arrows repeatedly at Goht until he falls-about 15 arrows should do it. Note that the use of Fire Arrows, while more powerful, will force Goht to flee. This ruins the whole premise of this strategy. Normal arrows don't deal enough damage to make Goht run away, so they are perfect for this strategy.

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