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This Isn't Your Father's Goldeneye 3

Goldeneye 007 is not a remake of its Nintendo 64 predecessor, but rather a re-imagining. There are a lot of changes that hardcore fans of the game will not be happy with, although overall I think players will enjoy the new offering by not-007-developer Activision.   The first bit of information we need to get out of the way is: How many Bond people are associated with this game? Judi Dench (M) is reprising her role, as well as David Arnold as composer, Bruce Feirstein (wrote the Goldeneye film s...

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It's the game with the Midas Touch. 0

 I recently watched the 1995 “Goldeneye” movie this game is more or less based on, and it still holds up! The game’s history is a bit more complicated than that though. The first Goldeneye game was developed by Rare as a movie tie-in, but what secured its place in gaming history was the split-screen multiplayer suite. It helped define what multiplayer on consoles is all about, the sort of social, pick-up-and-play fun that you perhaps see more rarely on the PC platform. Ever since the Wii ...

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For England, James. 0

Goldeneye: 007 for the Nintendo 64 is a classic.  Goldeneye: 007 for the Wii may not be a game-changer, but it is anything but a lazy cash in remake of a popular title - this game stands high on it's own.  In a Wii market where first person shooters barely exist at all, Goldeneye takes everything that you love from other modern FPSs, and combines it with the strengths of the Wii remote to create a very satisfying experience, despite a few hiccups.  Some of what you probably remember from Goldene...

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Great balance of updates and familiarity 0

I got in a lot of time playing Goldeneye on N64 back in the day, and wasn’t sure if a remake for Wii was a good thing or a bad thing. Would they leave it mostly the same and it would feel like buying the same thing again? Would they change things I felt should be left alone? I was worried for the latter when I found out they were using Daniel Craig instead of Pierce Brosnan (this is based on a movie, and the movie had Brosnan), and while that bothers me to a degree, I heard enough good things ab...

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Not only a great remake but a great game on its own right 0

 The 007 videogame series has had a rough time since it hit its peak with Everything or Nothing back in 2004: GoldenEye: Rogue Agent was at best a mediocre FPS and at worst a tedious exercise in frustration, From Russia With Love was decent enough to play all the way through but utterly forgettable, Quantum of Solace was a step in the right direction but it was held back by glitches and a frustrating campaign and Blood Stone… well, Blood Stone just downright sucked.  Thankfully, Activision has h...

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GolemEye... yes, "golem" 0

This game is a golem, a still one, because it takes the continent form [body] of Golden Eye but none of its containings [spirit]: it's semantically empty.To begin with, do not worry about the cut-scenes because they are minimal as some other site's review complained about their length and unavoidability, I thought it was important to highlight this; in fact, if players didn't watch the film, they will not understand anything about the story because the cut-scenes tell nothing relevant nor intere...

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