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Golgo 13 is a professional assassin that first appeared in the manga of the same name by Takao Saito in 1969. His real name is unknown, though he also commonly goes by the alias Duke Togo. Details of his past and origin are vague at best; his nationality and age are both unknown.

Those that wish to hire Golgo 13 can anonymously do so by sending him a properly coded message. When they meet in person, he will ask that the client explain why (s)he wants the target killed. Once an explanation has been given and Golgo 13's requested payment is agreed to, he will set about the task of preparing the assassination. He does not typically make contact with the client a second time; once the target is dead, the job is over.

Golgo 13's accuracy with a sniper rifle is immaculate. Through keen preparation and skill, he is able to hit targets from positions that for the average sniper would be impossible. He is also a master of hand-to-hand combat and conventional-range firearms. In term of his personality, he is stoic, with a grim, stony expression that masks his emotions.

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