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The Terran Goliath is a twelve foot tall, all-terrain combat walker designed to support marine forces. Originally designed for the Kel-Morian Combine, the blueprints were stolen and the design has become quite popular among the various Terran factions. Armed with twin 30mm autocannons and Hellfire anti-air missiles, the Goliath provides effective support for ground forces.


TypeLarge Ground Mechanical
RoleCombat walker
ArmamentAutocannon (ground), Helfire AA-scatter missiles (air)
Resources100 minerals, 50 gas
Supply2 units
Transport slots2
Build time40 sec
Hit points125
Armor1 (+ 1 per Vehicle Plating upgrade)
Attack (ground)12 (+1 per Vehicle Weapons upgrade)
Attack (air)10 x2 explosive (+4 per Vehicle Weapons upgrade)
Cool down22
Attack range6 (ground), 5 (+3 with Charon Boosters research) (air)
Sight range8
Movement speedNormal
Built atFactory
Build dialogue"Goliath online"
UpgradeCostResearch TimeResearch AtEffect
Charon Boosters100 min 100 gas133sMachine Shop+3 range to anti-air attack


Goliaths are typically used to support Siege Tanks and Vultures in the infamous Terran Mech ball. With their powerful long range anti-air attack, Goliaths are very effective against air units. Their range can drive away Dropships and Arbiters and in numbers, they serve as very effective counters against Carriers and Battlecruisers. Their bulk and reasonably powerful autocannons allow Goliaths to fare well against small ground units. Goliaths are typically used when the Terran commander needs the range and mobility of the Goliath to support Siege Tanks as opposed to using Missile Turrets. They can also be used in place of Vultures as shields.

Starcraft II

The Goliath's lack of mobility was seen as a critical weakness to Terran anti-air capability. As such the new Viking was developed to replace the Goliath. Nonetheless, the Goliath remains employed by the Terran Dominion as well as Raynor's Raiders.

TypeGround Mechanical, Armored
RoleHeavy-fire support unit
ArmamentAutocannon (ground), Hellfire missiles (air)
Resources150 minerals, 50 gas
Supply3 units
Transport slots2
Build time40 sec
Hit points125
Armor (armored)1 (+1 per Vehicle Armor upgrade)
Attack (ground)18 (+1 per Vehicle Weapons upgrade)
Attack (air)8 (+8 vs armored) x2 attacks (+1/+1 per Vehicle Weapons upgrade)
Cool down1.5 sec
Attack range6
Sight range8
Movement speed2.69
Built atFactory
RequiredTech Lab (attachment)
Build dialogue"Goliath online"
Armory UpgradeCostEffect
Multi-Lock Weapons System$50,000The Goliath can attack air and ground targets simultaneously
Ares-Class Targeting System$90,000+3 air attack range and +1 ground attack range


In Starcraft II, the portrait for the Goliath and the Spartan Company Goliath mercenaries are based off Brian Sousa and Dustin Browder respectively. This is an in joke among Blizzard that they look alike.

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