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Prize Fighter

Goro dwells in this underground dungeon of sorts. Shang Tsung insists Mortal Kombatants battle Goro before they face off against him. The Lair is littered with bones and skeletons hang from the walls.


Goro's Lair is a popular locale for the tournament of Mortal Kombat. It's featured in many of the installments over the years, eventually going 3D and getting a bit more creepy in the process. That foray into 3D also featured stage-transition combat.

Death Trap

Goro's Lair actually did feature a Death Trap. It was in Mortal Kombat 4. The stage fatality first introduced in the Kombat Tomb makes a return. The victor can uppercut the 2nd place contestant into the ceiling where the shiny spikes await. The little Easter egg still works too, hold down on the d-pad and the body will slide off and drop to the floor.

No wonder no one replaced the lightbulbs

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