GTA4 vs GTAV Poll. Which one do you like more?

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Posted by RonGalaxy (4078 posts) 2 years, 4 months ago

Poll: GTA4 vs GTAV Poll. Which one do you like more? (588 votes)

Grand Theft Auto 4 9%
Grand Theft Auto V 70%
Results 21%

Just want to see some sort of consensus, even if it's not a definititve answer to which one people like more.

Honsetly, I like GTA4 more.... I prefer it's superior cast of characters and the characterization of Nico over Heists and better shooting. It might just be me, but I feel like V is an extremely minor entry in the series compared to 4, even if it's bigger and had more 'ambition'. I also think Nicos motivations were vastly more interesting than any of the 3 main protagonists... And at no point while playing V did I think there was a meaningful opposition, leading me to feel bored.

I would write more about my feelings, but it would probably just be wasted time. All I can say is that V was a huge disappointment for me...

#51 Posted by Kevin_Cogneto (1478 posts) -

The three protagonist thing solves so many problems that I generally have with Rockstar games, it's not even funny. It always bothers me how every single Rockstar protagonist -- Niko, Marsden, all of them -- have no will of their own. They always talk a good game, but then you walk to a letter on the map and a mission giver says "I need you to do this incredibly dangerous thing that you will get practically no benefit from," and the main character just shrugs his shoulders and does what he's told. For all the badass blow-shit-up power fantasy stuff that comes with their open worlds, the missions always make the characters out to be completely powerless by comparison.

Here, since your characters are able to proactively do things while you're controlling someone else, or able to basically act as mission givers for one another, you end up with a feeling that the three of them are all working for the benefit of one another, rather than some imperious asshole crime lord. I mean sure, there's still some of that, but your characters are able to push back a lot more. Like when Trevor kidnaps that dude's wife, that all happens while you're controlling another character entirely, and it's great to see one of your protagonists actually making decisions on his own, as opposed to blindly doing as he's told. That would never have been possible in GTA IV.

#52 Posted by project343 (2894 posts) -

Narratively, GTA4. By a long shot.

From a gameplay standpoint, GTA5 by a fair margin.

Red Dead Redemption is leaps better than both in all respects.

#53 Posted by bleekmajeek (33 posts) -
#54 Edited by Nightriff (6684 posts) -


I find 4 is a overrated and bloated experience when I look back on the first time I played it, as well as when I played it again 2 years ago. 5 does have its problems but a better story, characters and playing game than 4.

Still pissed that the flying in the game is broke as fuck, still cringe when I have to fly a helicopter.

#55 Posted by ninnanuam (448 posts) -

@jazzyjeff: there is no humanity in GTA V because there is no humanity left in the western world, especially in America. The reason the game feels so dark is that its satarising something so depressing.

#56 Posted by lusence (430 posts) -

i think i liked 4 better at the time. took me about 2 weeks to beat it playing it nearly every day compared to 5days or so for GTA V. the big thing that sold me was all the different dating options. you where actually rewarded for hanging out with people and had a lot more options. i was really into just seeing a show, i loved the comedy shows with real life comics. and meeting girls online etc, really spent a lot of time just dating and fing around with my buddies. you always had a reason to, meaning you actually got rewarded. in GTA V you dont get rewarded for hanging out for people besides just story. but all in all gta v is a better game just wish they would of kept and added to a few things like the rewards for hanging with friends and being able to meet people on the internet instead of getting rid of them. the net seems way more water downed now to.

#57 Posted by TWISTEDH34T (111 posts) -

What does the "results" option mean? That seems to be a more popular choice than GTA IV.
Anyways, I chose GTA V cause I didn't like GTA IV much.

#58 Posted by Darji (5412 posts) -

@jazzyjeff: there is no humanity in GTA V because there is no humanity left in the western world, especially in America. The reason the game feels so dark is that its satarising something so depressing.

Michael and his family are very human. They are different but they love each other.

#59 Posted by GeekDown (1173 posts) -

It's been so long since I played it, but I remember really loving GTA IV. So I guess it would have to be a tie.

#60 Edited by Noblenerf (455 posts) -

I did not like many of the design decisions in GTA4, which brings it down a whole lot. The GTA4 DLCs brought it down even further - I did not like them at all. That is why I cannot vote for GTA4.

I haven't played GTA5 yet and my answer is still GTA5. I know I am confident I will like it more than GTA4.

#61 Edited by TobbRobb (5524 posts) -

I'm not gonna participate in the poll because I haven't played V yet. But based on how much I despise what IV did to the series, and the fixes V is touting. It doesn't even look like a real competition.

#62 Edited by mrfluke (5788 posts) -

5 by a long shot

i loved the shit out of 4 (and still do!, fuck you people who rearview hate the game now) but this one is just better in every way

and there is a good arc to the story and the story comes together so well in the end that it beats 4 in story in every regard.

#63 Posted by Dxriusz (2 posts) -

Gta5 is obviously the most fun out of the two. Any San Andreas based gta game will have a depth of silly mischievous elements to it. However, overall, I consider IV to be the superior game. IV may not have the same level of environmental interaction to the world, or as large of a scale as V. But it definately 100% had more longevity than V will ever have. V storyline was subpar. The constant heists & relatively un-engaging personal random dilemmas that each character had, became repetative and boring. IV had a more enagaging storyline, it could practically be a movie, Not to mention the fact that the map itself is non interactive. It's as if they took Red Dead Redemption, added a small modern city, and took away all of the animals, it's dead. IV utilized the entire city in it's story. IV wins

#64 Edited by Steadying (1887 posts) -

Probably GTA IV. It was just a way more memorable game.....Well, gameplay wise probably V, actually. Story and character wise, IV is clearly better.

#65 Posted by Soapy86 (2706 posts) -

GTAIV doesn't even come close to V. IV is pretty much my least favorite. III is the only one I like less than IV.

#66 Posted by Bollard (7027 posts) -

Voted for V and I haven't even played it. IV was ass.

#67 Posted by Poppduder (486 posts) -
#68 Edited by Jay_Ray (1314 posts) -

I enjoyed GTA 4 a lot more then than I enjoy GTA 5 now, but GTA 5 is a better game I think.

My thoughts exactly

#69 Edited by mikeeegeee (1636 posts) -

I can't see the crosshairs in GTA V. That's a really big deal to me, so I've only played like .. two hours of GTA V. It sucks.

#70 Posted by believer258 (13550 posts) -

GTA IV's controls are a travesty.

GTA V, no question.

#71 Posted by TheVeteran13 (1335 posts) -

I have more fond memories of IV than I do V.

@mikeeegeee: Go to settings and change the crosshairs to "complex", I think that's what the setting is called.

#72 Posted by mikeeegeee (1636 posts) -

@theveteran13: Even with complex, it doesn't add much. At nighttime, I can see things okay. Any lighter background makes the game unplayable for me. I'm playing on a 32" TV in 720p, so I guess that could be it.

#73 Edited by Winsord (1479 posts) -

GTA IV for me. It's actually pretty close between the two, as I think each of them do certain things better. That said, I had more fun in the open world of IV than I did in V, in large part because I actually really liked the vehicle physics in IV and thought they were pretty bad in V. I also have not managed to have any fun in GTAO, whereas I spent a ton of time in the Free Run mode in GTA IV.

#74 Posted by SeanFoster (936 posts) -

I prefer the storytelling in GTA IV but the gameplay and mechanics of V more.

#75 Edited by believer258 (13550 posts) -

What do you know, I've been playing GTA V these past few days. I still think its controls are just good enough but could be way better. I still don't like the way everyone is afraid of Trevor. Otherwise, I'm still having fun with it.

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