PCmag thinks GTA Online is a web browser game?

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I thought they were a reputable source? How could they possibly make that mistake?

"Rockstar Games already knows its Grand Theft Auto 5 is a hit. But what will tomorrow's GTA Online launch reveal about the studio's first foray into Web-based gameplay?"

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This must be bad wording. At least I would think that they simply mean internet multiplayer.

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I think they just mean online play but that's not right either so I don't know.

#4 Posted by Rorie (3432 posts) -

Looks like they've edited out most of the errors. Still, pretty bad.

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Or maybe GTA Online is actually a Flash game, which may hurt Divekick's chances of winning Giant Bomb's Flash Game of the Year 2013.

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Watch your back, Zynga! GTA Online - Coming soon to Facebook and iOS!

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@chaser324: Pfft, it's all about Life Invader and iFruit now.

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