Any news on Greg Kasavin? Whats he doing now?

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He is still at EA last time I checked. Still an awesome dude nonetheless.

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I wish he would contribute to the site once in awhile.  I miss the hell out of his reviews and editorials.  I used to read all his reviews even if I had no interest in the game because he always had such good perspective.
I was just thinking that I wish I could keep up with all those guys.  I was on GS pretty much every day for nearly 8 years starting in 1998 and it's crazy how much they felt like friends to me.  Whenever I see someone like Jason Ocampo or Amer Ajami or good ol' AlexN I think back to the good times.
I'll be honest, I even go back sometimes to check out Justin or Brian's stuff.  Those guys are still pretty cool.

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He's working for EA. As a producer I believe. He's worked on C&C 3 and C&C RA3. I don't think we know if he's working on C&C 4 or not though.
EDIT: I just realized how insanely old this post is.


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