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Gregory Edgeworth is the father of Miles Edgeworth, a principal antagonist in the Ace Attorney games. He is referenced in flashback during the first Ace Attorney game and the events surrounding his death are central to the fourth case of the game: Turnabout Goodbyes.  
He'll have his first  appearance  as a playable character in Ace Attorney Investigations 2.


Gregory Edgeworth was a prominent Defence Attorney. He is was a great influence on his son Miles, who wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become a defence attorney. However, when Gregory was murdered in front of his eyes, Miles developed a fanatical hatred of crime and dedicated himself to becoming a Prosecutor instead.  


It seemed at first as if Gregory Edgeworth had been killed by a man with whom he was trapped in an elevator, however it later transpired that he was in fact killed by the great undefeated prosector Manfred Von Karma.

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