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A battle you can't win... 0

 When Half-Life came out in 1998, it changed the entire First Person Shooter genre. The amazing story telling, lots of great scripted events, and just very fun shooting and puzzle elements made Half-Life stand out from the rest, and carve out a new direction for FPSs. So how does Half-Life hold up with genre expectations in 2009? Great.You control Gordon Freeman, a freshly graduated theoretical physicist. The game begins with a tram session that everyone who has played Half-Life remembers. The t...

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A Classic and a Masterpiece 0

I personally like to classify Half-Life as the best game ever created, but that's just my opinion. However, Half-Life did change the face of gaming with the first successful use of squad tactics and AI, complete lack of cut scenes, One of the greatest and most confusing plotlines ever, and a completely silent protagonist (Gordon Freeman).The player takes control of Gordon right from the get go. The game begins on a tram ride that is on it's way into the Black Mesa Research Facility in New Mexico...

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See What Started It All. 0

Welcome to the Black Mesa Research Facility. With that one sentence, the entire world of video gaming as we knew it changed forever. Gordon Freeman became something of gaming legend. Everyone knows at least one aspect or another of his historical journey to the surface and beyond. The game of course is Half-Life, and it is quite hard to forget. Through its ingenious use of imagination, creativity, and programming, this game has left its mark in every first person shooter to date. This game is at...

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Gordon Freeman is a total badass... 0

There's a pastime I hold dear to me, not speedrunning or even one gun runs, but no damage runs for shooters. There are two games that I cannot do the run with, Half-Life and Deus Ex. I'm sure it is possible but, I'm in awe from beginning to end because of the quality of the game. I'm distracted and therefore, get hit within the first two hours.Everyone knows how a shooter worksStep 1: Take gun/crowbarStep 2: Aim and shootStep 3: Tea-bag enemy/enemy gibBut Half-life has a bit of platformer integr...

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Half life WILL go down in history. 0

Half life earned it's place in the history of gaming for these reasons.*Great weapons*intensed realism*Great AI*Amazing level design*Great storyHalf life is innovative. And everyone should know that. The game is basically flawless! The realism is only shunned by the many weapons you can carry. But remember. It's a freaking alien invasion....

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It would get 5. If it didn't have the annoying lock on. 0

This game is great. It's one of my favorite PC games of all timeIt's also one of my favorite PS2 games of all time! Yes HL on PS2 has something for everyone! People who have crap computers who can't expireince half life get the original game. If you and a friend want to blast aliens as a team. Decay is for you. Or if you and a friend want to see who owns more at half life Head to head! The only real problem is the lock on other than that. HL ps2 is a great game....

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Half-Life is the most important FPS ever made. 1

Half-Life is a First-Person Shooter developed by Valve and released for the PC in 1998. Half-Life is the game that started the boom of First-Person Shooter's on the PC, it is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most important videogames ever made and it's influence can still be seen in games to this day.In Half-Life players take the role of Gordon Freeman, a Research Associate for the Black Mesa Research Facility who, accidentally, during an experiment opened a wormhole to another dimensi...

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